2005-07-20, Arena at Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, CT

Devils & Dust Tour
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kevin wrote: packed house ! very vocal - not always a good match on this tour. After some warnings everybody settled down. good mix in the set list highlighted by LITF. His voice got shakey towards the end. Acknowledged his mistake in NJ on 5/19. Did anybody count the F-bombs ? !!

John M. wrote: Drove up from Long Island and was not disappointed.There is need to reiterate that Bruce is the greatest figure in poular music of his generation, although now that it is printed the NY Times, I have my doubts. Fascinating twist on several old songs. The new rendition of Reason to Believe was a throwback to Robert Johnson/Muddy Waters-replete with the pounding refrain and static mike. Hopefully this will be released someday, or at least available as a bootleg. Promised Land was reworked and Ramrod was played with a Mexicali beat.

Loved Bruce's story about his father, who is a very interesting presence in his music- and is very much like many men of that post WWII generation who grew up with a cynisicm toward the world that clashed with idealism of their Baby Boomer offspring. Coming from the same type of background as Bruce I saw that cynisicm in my father and uncles all of whom would concur with Douglas Springsteen that Love songs were a government plot to get you married and make babies to feed the machine.. You know,in retrospect, they were right.

Into the Fire, Spare Parts among others were rivetting. Only weak song(to me) was the last one Dream - which left many scratching their heads - although there were many who seemed mesmerized. I'm with Douglas Springsteen on this one.. Dream was a plot sending us subliminal messages to buy T-shirts and crap at the concession stands. I know that it got me to buy t-shirts for my wife and kids, which I had no intention of doing prior to the start of the song.

Best line: In response to an "We love you Bruce!!":
"Good thing you don't know me. If you did, you'd probably love me.. but not as much"

Ed wrote: Great show. Better and more focused than Albany and the crowd was much more respectful than in Albany on 7/16. Great set-list featuring Racing In The Street and a great Lost in the Flood. Other highlights State Trooper/Nebraska and a very intense The Hitter. As far as Bruce admonishing the crowd, whoever they were that kept talking in one (or some) of the suites deserved it. If you want to get drunk and see a "Motley Crue" type show this isn't the tour for you.

Overall, I'd say the best of four I've seen on D&D so far.

The Big Mook wrote: Fantastic show! Bruce got a little testy with interuptions, but he's that way at the e-street band concerts. Venue was surprisingly good! The best sound quality of any Bruce show I've seen in a while. Certainly better than Continental Arena. Bruce also apologized for an incident which occurrred at the CA when the sound system failed.

Highlights: The Promise, Into The Fire, Spare Parts, Matamoras Banks, Racing in the Street with Intro, Jesus was an only son and intro

Weak spots: No real weakspots. Dream was not well like in my section. Idiots who were making noise and leaving early.

Lisa wrote: Great show! Audience definitely older! Sat infront of a little bitch who was yapping on the cellphone!

Bruce still has it. Loved If I fall behind, All that Heaven will allow and The Promise . The show had great lighting! I didn't realize the second song was Reason to Believe until I saw it posted here!

NYFD wrote: Bruce opened with a spectacular version of Into The Fire- which I can not listen to without crying. We lost a lot of brothers that day going up those stairs and into the fire. Bruce is the only one who truly has catured and appreciated the bravery of those who went into the fire. The rest of the show was fantastic, and I'm waiting for the full band tour!

T.Cantillon wrote: Great show. One of the best of the 8 I've seen of this tour. Solid setlist. Intro the Fire was an interesting opening. Loved State Trooper, Nebraska and Spare Parts.

Other highlights: All that Heaven, Racing and Lost on piano. Bruce should toss in a piano song for the encores. Be nice to hear Price you Pay a few times on the tour or even Human Touch.

Solid show from start to finish. Bruce was very relaxed and chatty with the crowd. Perfect sound.

Hoping to catch a few more before the tour winds down.

noel wrote: Stronger show than albany the week before. Either that or I am correlating closeness to the stage to impact of the artist. It seemed more intimate in the 19th row and Bruce appeared to interact more with crowd. Glad my friends finally got a taste of Maria's Bed. Can't understand why it is not an automatic on this tour. Must be a stress on his voice, but tonight was great. A very strong encore, glad to see Land of Hopes and Dreams back in the spotlight. My section was awestruck by the whole performance, hanging right to the end.


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