2005-07-26, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC

Devils & Dust Tour
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Joe from Niceville wrote: You might expect a lesser performance for a small town like Greensboro, but you would be wrong. From the first notes of ?If I should Fall Behind? it was obvious that we would get a show to remember. Thanks to my friend George, I had a great seat and from where I sat, the sound was great, the stage set was beautiful and the performance was moving. ?Reason to Believe? with it?s harmonica and foot-stomp accompaniment sounded like some long lost Howling Wolf 78. This was my first solo / acoustic Bruce show and I was a little unsure of how it would compare to a show with the whole band. I love the E Street Band as much as anybody but I?ve come to the conclusion that E Street shows are about entertainment with moments of art. This solo show was about Bruce the artist who happens to be entertaining. Bruce the artist can take a little noticed song like ?Valentine?s Day?, reset it on the piano, and make it one of the highlights of the evening. Yes, I know it was only the second time he?d done it in concert, but that wasn?t what made it great. It was the heart that he put into it. I?ve always loved the song but this was like hearing it for the first time. Other highlights were ?Jesus Was an Only Son? and ?Wild Billy?s Circus Story? and ?Galveston Bay?

N.C. Serenade wrote: Show was great. Right before Bruce sings Dream Baby Dream he says "Wanna send this out to the folks at Greasylake"
Apparently Bruce got word that the people who attended the "Greensboro Tailgate" party raised 460.00 for the food bank. It was a nice gesture for him to acknowledge us.


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