2005-07-28, Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Devils & Dust Tour
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Joe Grushecky guests on "Homestead"

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SOULSOFTHEDEPARTED wrote: Great show, loose bruce, lots of chat
AMAZING sound in arena

really solid selist, loved tunnel era stuff, plus beautiful versions of `long time coming` and `jesus was an only son`.

Strong versions of `Real world` and `youngstown`

miles better then the 2nd london show i seen earlier

ZEKE wrote: Much much different show than Cleveland (of course). Bruce was much looser.

Much like Tom Joad tour, the rules weren't mentioned in Pittsburgh. Don't know if he stopped doing it, but it made for a racous show.

We got the only song from Tom Joad early, Youngstown. This was a loud
song. I feel lucky to get this one again.

First highlight for me was Long Time Coming. He left it out of Cleveland. I love where he stepped off mike to deliver/sing/talk the lines about his dad and later mistakes. Powerful.

Bruce added that he meant for the last word to be "fuck it up as badly but it didn't rhyme." Don't know if he always does it, but I loved it.

One Step Up was just brilliant. His voice has changed so that it sounds
more like he means it since the tol tour. Bruce sent it out to "Kenny, thanks for the card." I later found out that Kenny Chesney had covered the song on one of his discs. To correct Backstreets he said. "I should play that one more
often" when he was rewarded with a loud standing O afterwards.

He dedicated a great For You to Johnny Grushecky. It was a much different feel than the guitar version from flood aid recently. I thought his piano playing made the song.

All I'm Thinkning Bout was dedicated to Dezi Grushecky. You can tell he has kids, what you do for one you do for the other. The song was fast and really lifted an already high mood.

When the e-bay electric piano appeared Bruce said, "Let's give the people a happy song, I think I've got one or two of those." With that he went into All that Heaven Will Allow. As a big fan of the Tunnel cd this was a thrill.

I noticed Bruce laughing during the song. Afterward he ezplained that his> mike was dropping and he thought he'd have to sing on the floor.

Darkness was the song I was hoping for the most. I beleive this is the
definative version. Loved it at Joad.

Real World was very powerful. I never got such a hit off that song

Great to go and see friends from many places. I met up with my friends from Spain at the stage rush. Imagine.

During Waiting, Bruce said, "I'm waiting for you to sing the fuck along."

I noticed him point at something at the end of the song. With that he wentinto a loose Growing Up and said, "for the guy with the sign."

Hearty reception for my personal hero, Joe Grushecky. They did a spirited version of Homestead trading verses and guitar licks. I liked it better than the acoustic version they did together on Joad tour as there was more Bruce.

Dream Baby Dream closed the show greatly. I disagree with the local paper's review that the show was dark. This ends the show on an up note "We gotta keep the fire going, I just want to see you smile, so dream baby dream."

In the crowd, Kenny Cheseny, Renee Zelweiger (sic), Keith Urban, most of the Houserockers, Andy Sheehan, Paul Steigerwald, and rumors of many more.

The will call was a disaster. Ditto the food and beer. They ran out of
beer before I got mine and then the food stand closed.

Great show. and the roof didn't leak.


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