2005-08-07, Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

Devils & Dust Tour
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"Shut Out the Light" and "Frankie" are tour premieres.

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Dave Delp wrote: I have to provide a little background first. I saw Bruce Springsteen for the first time in February of 1977 at age 23. I've been a fan ever since. The show in Milwaukee this past weekend was the tenth show I've seen and the third in Milwaukee in the past 2 years. He played The Rising shows there in 2003 and 2004. In fact, in the 2003 show the band played 'Little Queenie' as a final encore for the Milwaukee crowd. I think that The Boss enjoys Milwaukee and the city seems to bring out his best.

The show at The Bradley Center on Sunday night was exceptional. I sat around several people who had seen 4 or 5 shows on this tour and they all were ectastic about the set list and some of the unique songs he pulled out for this show. There was a smattering of everything in this show so everybody knew at least some of the material. I thought that all of it was played beautifully and that his arrangements were all initimate and recognizable (maybe with the exception of 'Reason to Believe'. I saw bob Marley 2 years before he died and the thing that struck me about Marley also strikes me about Springsteen. His voice cuts through everything. His voice brings you in and keeps you there and you find yourself being overwhelmed by it.

He seemed to be in great humor this night, laughing frequently and although his audience dialog is always practiced, it seemed spontaneous and genuine. I've seen a number of great concerts in my life. My favorite Springsteen show was the from the legendary 'Darkness' tour in 1978, which stands out as one of the 2 or 3 best live shows I've ever seen. Still, this show was memorable, visceral, and ultimately as inimate a baring of an artist's soul as you're ever likely to see. I've truly never experienced anything quite like the closing rendition of 'Promised Land'. Played quietly, the entire theater was silent. There was no noise. Nobody talking, nobody coming in or going out. It was mesmerizing, exhilerating and ethereal. In retrospect, that one song, and the setting it was played in, stand out as perhaps the single best thing I've ever seen in 33 years of seeing live music. It was a transcendent moment in Rock and Roll. One can only hope that it is released next year on DVD, so everyone can see this truly remarkable show. If you haven't gone yet and can see it before it ends, find the time and do it. It may not come around again. Bruce Springsteen stands with only a handful of others - Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Mick Jagger - as a Rock and Roll visionary. As he said in self deprecation during the show - 'The man does it all.' Sunday night, Auguest 7, 2005 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he did just that.


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