2005-10-07, Civic Center, Hartford, CT

Devils & Dust Tour
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noel wrote: Rainy evening in Hartford. Bruce comes out rather serious, stone faced; get right to business. Stuns everyone with Back in your Arms opening on piano. From there is seems like a free for all, expection reason or idiot to follow (the latest usual openers), but out comes wreck again on piano. Ok -- this is not the standard show for the not-sold out civic center. Still not much dialogue, just songs. Brings out Something in the night as a special request. A full night as always. Crowd goes away quite satisfied.

In the crowd, escorted by men in black, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

Mike wrote: First time catching Bruce on this tour. As good as I had heard. Was surprised at the song selection. Right from the start. Couldn't believe he was singing "Back in Your Arms"! Amazing. His voice and the sound in the arena were great.


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