2005-10-21, Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence, RI

Devils & Dust Tour
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Kristin wrote: Wow, what a show, i was lucky with great seats. It was hard at first becasue being that close, you just want to rock out. I sat back and took it all in, the music, Bruce, the intensity. You could feel the music going through you. His voice is unbelievable, been to about 20 shows but never Bruce solo or that close up. His talent with the piano, various guitars, harmonica, organ and harp. Wow. Still in awe. He used his guitar as percusion. The night before, i went to the show in Worcester. bruce got a little testy with the crowd once. He played the most unbelievable Lost in the Flood. Beyond intense, beyond captivating. Beyond power.

Art wrote: I did not have great seats and the venue was disappointing, but how could it matter? I was in Bruce's house. (I came) For You was intense with Bruce on Piano and I enjoyed the different versions of so many songs including Lonesome Day Darkness, The Rising, and of course Growin' Up. Valentines Day is a beautiful song and the closing tune Dream Baby Dream seemed like a last minute decision...he had already shook hands across the front row with all of the house lights on. He uses the distorted microphone twice...he's clearly been hanging with Bono...a good thing I might add.


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