2005-11-04, St. Petersburg Times Forum, Tampa, FL

Devils & Dust Tour
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Austin Rogers wrote: I was 11 years old and it was my first Springsteen concert. I sat in the 4th row im pretty sure. And i think it was right before "Blinded" everyone got up and headed towards the stage. It was his encore I think.

Well anyways i got through to where i was leaning on the stage. Then Bruce started shaking hands with some people in the first and second rows. So luckily I got to shake his hand and he gave me his white Fender heavy guitar pick from his back pocket. Then after the show he told one of his guys to come over and give me a copy of a setlist of the concert that he wrote.

Overall it was a show that I'll never forget. He played for about 2 hours maybe and broke out songs like "Cynthia" which was way uncalled for. There are no words for really explaining good Bruce Springsteen really is.

Charlie Kleman wrote: I've seen a heuva lot of shows and this might have been one of the best ever, with storytelling galore, unbelievable versions of Cynthia, I wanna marry you, Be true, Fade Away and many many others. He was on fire, jovial and very loose the whole show!


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