2005-11-11, Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk, VA

Devils & Dust Tour
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John and Kelly wrote: Totaly Awesome !!! The other Bruce from Williamsburg showed up and helped rock the house ! The concert was great - acoustic / harmonica , solo only - one man band kind of thing. You know it was somewhat subdued if the most rocking song of the night was from Nebraska (Open All Night) ! Bruce fans loved the show.

TLUABTR wrote: Combine Veterans Day, the world's largest Navy base of Norfolk, plus that Bruce hadn't played this city since 1972, and everything was lined up for a perfect night.

And that's what was delivered.

Opening with a haunting blues version of the totally reworked "Born In The USA," it's easy to see the Boss has been to a few Tom Waits shows. The "military appreciation" theme continued with "D&D" and "The Wall" (with a fantastic verbal into).

Song highlights undoubtedly were "Point Blank," "Downbound Train"(!!!!!) "Drive All Night" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), "Blinded By The Light" and "Growin' Up" from the very early days.

Local native Bruce Honrsby walked onstage (Boss: "This town ain't big enough for two Bruces.") then took over the grand keys in mid song for a rollickin' "You Can Look," thus driving the Boss to an even more energetic performance. (Boss: "I guess this town IS big enough for two Bruces after all. . .")

Duo-Bruce happened again for "Across the Border." Hornsby soloed on pump organ for a tasteful and lengthy gospel-inspired intro, before moving to the grand with the Boss on guitar and harp. The interplay between the two was astounding with shifting solos, rhythmic punctuation of chromatic chords, and communication on both musical and visual wavelengths.

All said, a perfect night in Norfolk.


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