2005-11-16, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Devils & Dust Tour
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Bubba Raymond wrote: Great Show, No doubt about it! But I do have to admit that I wish I was there on the 2nd night instead. The setlist was far better on the 17th! But hey, I a very happy to have been there at all, because it was a very special!

Backstreets was unreal!

It was really cool when bruce busted out the little hand drawn road map of his home town.

Santa Ana Was a huge Suprise and so was Thundercrack!

Philly Clete wrote: The first of two back-to-back CAA appearances by Bruce. "Empty Sky" was a nice opener tonight, preceding the bullet mic version of "BITUSA". Bruce's voice seemed hoarse at times. He asked for "something hot to drink". Whatever was ailing him physically certainly did not affect his effort tonight. As always, an excellent show. The crowd, however, seemed a bit lethargic throughout, with very little enthusiasm. Without a doubt, the evening's highlight was a magnificent piano rendition of "Backstreets", with Bruce stating "Happy Anniversary, Jon", referring to Landau and the 30th anniversary of BTR. The song was exquisite, and the crowd responded accordingly. "Part Man, Part Monkey" returned after a long absence, with cutting remarks pointed at the "intelligent design" gang. Other highlights were "Does this Bus Stop..." and "My Best Was Never Good Enough". Combine those with the now "standard" trio of "Drive All Night", "Santa Ana" and "Thundercrack" and you've got an old-timer's dream setlist. Evidently the crowd has been reading the setlists, though, because they did not respond as I feel was warranted for the latter two. Awesome home-town setlist.

T.Cantillon wrote: Solid and impressive show! One of Bruce's best of this tour. Minus Empty Sky, which I felt did not fit with the set list and theme, and I did not care for Best was Never Good Enough, the rest of the show was filled with enthusiasm, passion and beautiful renditions of his work.

I enjoy the bluesy, harmonic-driven, ferocious, Howlin'Wolf version of Born in the USA--intense and haunting. Something very visceral about that particular rendition.

Ain't Got You and All the Way Home were filled with energy and Bruce seemed to have a good time playing them. Two Hearts and New Timer were poignant and One Step Up, a beautiful performance.

Highlights: Backstreets was simply majestic on piano. The imagery and heartbreak filled the arena that night. Don't know why he hasn't included that one more often. And Drive all Night was powerful, as Bruce belted out the tune with heartfelt passion and soul. Waited a long time to hear that one--finally.

Thundercrack works well as an encore--Bruce needed something to kick a little life into the encores.

Be nice to hear Thunder Road or Backstreets in the encores for closing nights at Trenton.

The shows keep getting better. The solo performances of many of his songs have now been presented with a new passion, as the focus is on the lyrics, rather than how intense the whole band can play when Bruce is with the E Street.


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