2005-11-21, Sovereign Banks Arena, Trenton, NJ

Devils & Dust Tour
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"Rumble" is done acoustically and is a tribute to Link Wray who just died.

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Jake wrote: This was a great show, and Bruce really seemed to be enjoying himself on stage. Bruce did a good number of songs on Piano (Meeting Across the River, Drive All Night, and Fade Away among the more memorable), which were some of the best songs of the night. Another highlight or lowlight depending on your perspective was when he butchered Two for the Road by mangling lyrics and screwing up chords on piano, after his stage crew screwed up by not having the right keyboard on stage for him when he was ready to play it. He pulled it together well in the end, and in any case it was good for a laugh.

Song for the Orphans was great, a much better live version than the bootleg i heard on Sirius. The arrangement was Bruce on guitar, and he brought out a stagehand to play piano, and he played rather well.

All told, it was an outstanding show with a lot of back catalog material. Maybe the reason I liked this show better than the one I went to in Albany was the fact that i had no frame of reference to compare these songs to versions I have heard with the E Street Band.

TC wrote: Solid performance! Fade Away and Meeting were hauntingly beautiful. Atlantic City, Nebraska, One Step. All the Way and State Trooper were all excellent.

Love the wild, Dylan-like Saint in the City--simply wild! And to add to the Dylan-like moment, Song of the Orphans was a perfect selection. It was a moment where you felt like you were transported back in time to catch a rare glimpse of an early Bruce, influenced by Dylan and starting out on acoustic guitar--priceless.

kidd36 wrote: With Bruce, we have to be nothing but thankful. His work ethic and pure instinct is as intact now as it ever has been..s'all good!
I'm not sure anyone could point to a more rare tune than 'Song for Orphans' to bear witness to; I was totally awestruck.
During the entire tour, and even on the Barcelona 'Spirit' performance, Bruce seemed way to willing to make mistakes and seemingly not be concerned. I must say I wish he'd stop this habit!
Bruce takes good care of himself, although i kinda wonder about the hair...anybody know if he augments it somehow?
Anyway, overall an awesome night; but let's lose that 'old fashioned' mic; cool effect, but ya can't make out a word and I get frustrated along with most! Artsy, yeah, but why?


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