2005-10-30, T. D. Bank North Garden, Boston, MA

Devils & Dust Tour
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The show is filmed for possible release.

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ol'catfishinthelake wrote: My first Bruce show and a great one.
Bruce was VERY loose (drunk?), which led to some hilarity such as the pull your pants down bit and starting Back in Your Arms in the wrong key.
He opened with the fantastic Beautiful Reward on the organ and then Reason to Believe on the bullet mic, a lousy instrument on boots and nearly intolerable live.
After a bit of listening to what sounded like Bruce screaming nonsense into a microphone, a nice but somewhat boring Devils and Dust into a fabulous Empty Sky on electric guitar.
Next came long time comin'-it was great to hear this live, but the lack of backing instrumentals took something away. The next song, however, Black Cowboys, sounded eons better than on the album.
From that haunting gorgeous performance, next was an equally beautiful Back In Your Arms (as previously stated, started in the wrong key.) Then what may be the ultimate For You (after the pants down speech), and another bullet mic song (Johnny 99, not that you could tell).
A haunting State Trooper and a fun All I'm Thinking About led up to a very strong performance of a mediocre song, Cautious Man, and then Reno, which I hate but was probably not bad.
The next two songs were easily the highlight of the night-Lost in The Flood and Real World. Gorgeous duo. Two of his best songs sung in their element.
He pulled out the electric for two more songs, a decent Rising and the great new Further On, before nearly ruining Jesus Was An Only Son by interspersing his banter through the song.
Then a pleasant Two Hearts and a strong Hitter, before closing the first set with Matamoros Banks, a song which I have no clue why he thinks is so good.

The encores were without exception fabulous. A great ukelele I Wanna Marry You was followed by another highlight, Open All Night in basically original form, and the acoustic Land of Hope and Dreams, which is as close to a showstopper as you can get in an acoustic show.
The no-longer-new Promised Land followed, and then a surprise harmonica only rendition of Dirty Water, which was loads of fun.
Finally, the never-ending Dream Baby Dream closed the show (ok, so excellent encores with one exception!)

The show had some flaws (bullet mic, Dream Baby Dream), but overall was a gorgeous performance by Bruce of some of the all time greatest songs.

Ian wrote: Amazing show last night at the new "Gahden". Bruce put on another fantastic show, taking us through his back catalog. At one point he began playing the piano in the wrong key, got to the first verse and said, "too many songs not enough time" how true. I could have sat there on the edge of my seat forever.
Opening up with "My Beautiful Reward" got us off to a great start. Even though I was hoping to hear "Racing.." or "Incident.." I was treated to amazing versions of "Back in your arms" and "For You", which he said was probably one of his hidden gems.

Talking about his Ballads, he said if he had of known then what he knows now, well he would have made more.."Coz that's where the money is.."

Also, the firm beleif that every song in Rock and Roll is written with the tag line.."Can I get in your pants..?"
"It's a town full of losers and we're pulling out of here to win.......and can I get in your pants....?" ....."Baby we were born to run...and can I get in your pants..?"

Amazing show and a treat to see a musical legend and songwriter at his best. Throwing in an impromptu version of the Standells, "Dirty Water" capped a great night off.
I could talk for hours on every second of this show. Come back soon Bruce.

Ian O wrote: I attended both the 10/28 show and this one, and I couldn't say that one was better than the other - each had their own merits. The stage both nights was not at the end but in the center, in the style of the stage at the Democratic National Convention. This made for only enough room for three sections on the floor in front of the stage. In the crowd tonight: John Kerry and his wife Teresa.

With seventeen songs being different than from the previous night, Bruce was definitely energetic and talkative. As he sat at the "Ebay Piano" (as he calls it) and played "Back In Your Arms" he managed to get through the entire first verse before realizing it was playing it in the wrong key. He then restarted the song in a higher key and played it beautifully. Sitting at the piano, Bruce spoke of the morals of all rock songs, the essence of rock and roll itself: "Every song asks the question, will you pull your pants down?" He proceeded to play the ending lines of both "Thunder Road" and "Born to Run" and adding "..and will you pull your pants down" to much laughter from the audience. The following performance of "For You" on the piano was extremely powerful and was one of the few songs for which he received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Changing things up from Friday's show, Bruce opted for the Dobro tonight on "Johnny 99" but kept the Bullet Mic. He altered the lyrics a little, leaving out a few verses and repeating others. Very well-performed and I would guess that if "Johnny 99" makes it onto the DVD, this will be the version on it.

"There I was in the penthouse suite of the Trump Plaza with two hookers and a ukelele." With that, Bruce opened the encore with "Little Girl I Wanna Marry You" and then went right into "Open All Night" on the electric guitar, dedicating it to a woman who was celebrating her 91st birthday. "This is for you, Happy Birthday! And will you pull your pants down?!" Ooohhh Bruce...

Closing with "The Promised Land" Bruce moved to the organ. Having been to five shows this tour, I was obviously expecting "Dream Baby Dream", but Bruce instead asked for a "B-Flat Harp" which apparently confused the roadies because it took them a few minutes to get him a harmonica. The ensuing acapella-harmonica style "Dirty Water" had the whole Garden on their feet. Bruce then finished with "Dream Baby Dream" as usual, though he didn't leave the organ until he finished the song, foregoing the final verses which he usually sings by himself in the front of the stage. I would have to say that the performance of that song on Friday night was much superior.

Overall, a fantastic show with amazing energy. It might have been a bit disappointing if you were looking for Bruce to pull out major rarities and tour premiers, but with cameras rolling both nights, he was spot on and at the top of his game, simply playing better than he has any of the other times I have seen him.

Excellent job Bruce, please release that DVD!

Mark McKay Sr wrote: Great performance of a kind-of-disappointing setlist. People talk about Boston getting great shows, we havent gotten a "Philly-type" setlist in years and years. Bruce was in a great mood even as he squeaked and fumbled through "All Im Thinkin About", very funny moment. "I Wanna Marry You" was excellent on ukelelee. The more i hear the new album live, the more it grows on me. They were supposedly filming and you could tell, not a daring setlist and he played it pretty straight, kind of a shame. A loose Bruce, is the best Bruce.

stevie d wrote: beautiful reward..i sat next to very lovely and sexy young woman seeing bruce for the first..it was amazing watching her see the boss for the first time..i felt a connectio to her and wanted to reach out and kiss her during FOR YOU and others..we parted as show friends experiencing a great show and set..knowing i would never see her again i hope she saw bruce and his love of his fans and music


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