2005-11-22, Sovereign Banks Arena, Trenton, NJ

Devils & Dust Tour
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Patti Scialfa guests on "Mansion on the Hill".

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T.Cantillon wrote: Another tour comes to an end, and what a great tour it was.

I've said it all before, about what a great opportunity it was to hear a such a variety of songs hardly ever played. Highlights from the shows: The piano versions of Incident, Real World, For You, Meeting, Tougher, Lost in the Flood, Racing in the Streets and of course, Backstreets and Drive all Night. Beautiful, haunting, intense--every night.

Others: State Trooper, Part Man Part Monkey, Ain't Got You, One Step, Maria' Bed, Growin' Up, Brilliant Disguise, Atlantic City,
Promised Land, Leah, Black Cowboys, Hard to be Saint, Born in USA, Johnny 99 and Fire.

What made this tour interesting was to see Bruce do a reverse of the Dylan thing. To see Bruce step away from the band and stadium anthems, to strip down his songs and make the entire show more intimate and personal with acoustic guitar and piano, was an amazing experience. After having closed with one of the most powerful, passionate, soulfull tours (The Rising Tour), Bruce decided to do something not many, if any other performer could do, and he did it successfully.

No gimmicks, no oldies act, no half-assed performances. Just a solid commitment to his songs each night with a desire to present versions that probably would not have worked in stadiums or with the full band. To see Bruce reverse what Dylan had done some 35 years ago is a testament to Bruce's ability as a songwriter and performer, as well as his integrity as a human being. He has managed to avoid the pitfalls of many other rock stars and at the age of 56, re-visit some of his lesser played songs and give them a new life. And in doing so, I feel he has reminded fans of how great his lyrics and songwriting truely is. When listening to piano versions of Backstreets, For You, Tougher, Fade Away, Incident and Drive all Night, you can't help but be swept up by the intense imagery and beauty of those songs.

The final show was great. Got to sit right at the side of the stage, by accident. After hearing Song to the Orphans, Saint in the City and Fire, it was like being transported in time to when Bruce was starting out and letting the guts of his songs and performance speak for itself.

And of course, fellow Bruce nut, Kyle, was there to witness it all.
We closed the Rising Tour together and now this one and I have to say thanks for taking the ride. It's a passion, not obsession--right?

And thanks, Bruce, for another great tour and opportunity to hear some amazing songs over the course of the last few months. Just don't wait forever to release a cd or dvd of this tour. In fact, how about a box set covering Tunnel Tour, Rising Tour and this one---20 songs from each, a 4 cd box set in time for the holidays--next year.


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