2005-11-09, Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Devils & Dust Tour
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"Santa Ana" appears for the first time since 1973. "Thundercrack" has appeared at holiday shows, but never in a solo version.

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T.Cantillon wrote: Another stellar show! Adam Raised a Cain, One Step Up, State Trooper, Cynthia, All the Way Home and Growin Up were all fantastic. Very high energy and passion throughout the entire show--Bruce was really into it. Thundercrack was a great sing-along moment. Thanks Kyle for scoring great seats and adding another Bruce adventure to our long list of many.

Me personally, the 1st night was a little more special because of Incident, Fade Away and the beautiful rendition of Drive all Night. Bruce, put out a great live cd from this tour--even just the piano songs would be great to hear.

Jersey shows coming up. How about The Price You Pay and NY City Serenade?

Philly Clete wrote: Wow! I think that the title of this eyewitness account should be the same as one that Backstreets.com used to describe Bruce's Spectrum "birthday" show on 9/24/99 - "The mother of all setlists". This was the 3rd solo show I've seen of this tour, including the Tower Theater in May and the Spectrum show the night before this one. Bruce was incredibly loose tonight, mildly reprimanding the raucas crowd only once for quiet. As repoorted, Bruce switched SEVENTEEN songs from the night before (how can someone not go to back-to-back shows at this rate!), even though I couldn't tell that the incomprehensible opener tonight (Johnny 99 on the bullet mic) was different from the incomprehensible opener last night (BITUSA on the bullet mic). My only minor criticism of the shows is the use of that electronic device. When Bruce sat down at the piano and said that he was going to "get obscure" I knew that our special Philadelphia gift was coming. He introduced "Santa Ana" by saying that he didn't think that he had ever done this song with or without the band. Of course, he immediately continued that he was sure that someone out in the crowd would know when it had been performed (I have this song on a bootleg Main Point show from '73). He said he needed quiet 'cause he didn't think that he knew all of the cords. It was incredibly special. Of course, a moment such as this is enough to make any fan's night. But, immediately at the song's conclusion, Bruce told us that he "was going to push the envelope". The crowd, truly appreciating what was happening, spontaneously exploded when "Thundercrack" started, with Bruce thoroughly enjoying himself at the piano. He "gave us permission" to sing and clap along at the finale to the song. Needless to say, the performance of these two gems brought the house down with long, standing ovations. Other highlights included a "visual aid" that Bruce used leading into "Jesus". Bruce did a hilarious riff the night before, talking about how his entire fanily lived within a three or four block area in Freehold, with a church and a rectory in the midst. Evidently, someone at that show made a poster, drawing all of the homes and bulildings that he talked about, complete with captions. It was vintage Bruce analyzing the poster and commenting about it's accuracy. Other highlights included "Two Hearts", "State Trooper", "Used Cars", which included another very funny introduction, and "Spare Parts". It is a joy to see how Bruce can change a song around to work in an acoustic setting. To me, this show was spectacular, among very great shows from this tour. It is fascinating to see how Bruce's shows develop from early on in a tour(Tower Theater in May) to it's last days. The Tower show was incredibly intense, with "pin drop" crowds, while these final shows, with incredible setlists, show a very loose performer enjoying the moments along with the crowd. I am so lucky to be a Bruce fan in Philadelphia, home of the greatest Bruce shows of all.


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