2005-11-17, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Devils & Dust Tour
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Patti Scialfa guests on "Brilliant Disguise".

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DJS wrote: Bruce was in a very good mood last night - quite loose, his story telling was awesome and he was really funny. What makes him even funnier is how he makes himself crack up. Add this to the song set that included Frankie, Meeting Across the River, Thundercrack and a wicked version of Drive All Night - what an incredible show. Also good to hear BTR during this anniversary release week and the silence during Promised Land was wild. You could litteraly hear a pin drop.

T.Cantillon wrote: Well, after an hour of searching for decent tks in the cold, cold, parking lot, finally secured a good pair for $50 in sec 105. Fellow Bruce nut, Kyle, helped in getting the tks after much haggling with people who seemed a bit unreasonable half hour before the show. The show, although not as grand as the previous evening, had some very special moments: Brilliant Disguise with Patty was beautifully done. Atlantic City, Used Cars, Frankie and Meeting Across the River were all performed very well.

Two for the Road was a real surprise, and to hear another powerful, heartfelt rendition of Drive all Night was worth the price of admission alone. Record this one Bruce for a future box set--simply amazing everytime!!!

Also love the raw, bluesy, harmonica-driven Born in USA--intense. And to cap a great show off, finally, Born to Run! A real surprise and had everyone singing along. Can Jungleland and She's the One be far away? I hope Bruce finishes the tour with playing the rest of Born to Run, or at least, Thunder Road and Backstreets.

Solid show...much better than the one in May.

Philly Clete wrote: Night Two at CAA. Bruce still struggling with a cold, but he sure knows how to rise to the occasion. About 5 or six songs into the set Bruce is sitting at the piano and he tells the roadies to remove the electric piano (he did not use it at last night's performance). The roadies seemed surprised, and Bruce says, "I am not going to be using it tonight, so please take it away". Of course, they oblige. Bruce then plays "Frankie" and "Meeting Across The River" back to back at the piano. Fantastic! Patty joins Bruce tonight for "Brilliant Disguise" following by a super "Maria's Bed", and then "Cautious Man". After that, Bruce sits down at the piano area while the roadies carry the electric piano BACK onto the stage. Bruce sheepishly grins and then performs a beautiful "Two for the Road". "Drive All Night" was excellent again, and "Thundercrack" in the encore set was also great. The other major highlight is the acoustic "Born to Run" which Bruce dedicated to all of the fans who have supported him over the years, along with the Columbia records executives. Fabulous! This was a wonderful show with wonderful song choices and wonderful performances.


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