1976-04-02, Macauley Theatre, Louisville, KY

Born to Run Tour
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John Goodin wrote: My seat was third or fourth row center but we stood all night. My journal doesn't have a set list but it mentions a long story intro to "It's My Life", a solo piano version of "For You" that began the second encore followed by a Mitch Ryder medley and "Raise Your Hand" (which I'd never heard before). My journal entry says: "Bruce's last words .. I'm just a prisoner ... of rock'n'roll!"

Kevin wrote: we sat near the back, best concert, standing ovation every song, great venue. So quiet you could hear everything. lighting awesome/ Only cheers were few guys yelling Bruce.... It was a magical night. Jungleland gave me chills...
Have seen them twice since, never will compare to that night.. Thanks Bruce, E street, they called him..Miami Steve Van Zandt back then.


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