1976-03-28, Duke Universtity Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC

Chicken Scratch
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Setlist incomplete.

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Ed Beddingfield wrote: Detroit Medley was played at this show.........my first of 57 shows.

Scott Diffee wrote: The song list on the left is not complete, there was more for sure as the show lasted about 3.5 hours .. long, and great. This was a very high energy show that I will certainly never forget. Bruce and the band were in excellent form and looked they were having more fun than the audience .. and the audience was ecstatic. This was one of the few shows where the entire Born To Run albulm was performed. This was my first time seeing Bruce and still ranks as one of the best shows I have ever seen by anyone and I've seen many many shows. The power of Bruce and this band during that time was huge. The energy was unmatched, the crowd was in a constant buzz and was into every note and every run across the stage, jumps from the piano, etc...An unforgettable night for all those in attendance for sure .. WOW


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