2006-05-08, Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, London, England

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Danny Rhodes wrote: My ninth Springsteen gig spanning 18 years and unique in every way. Highlights...Pay Me My Money Down...superb theatre, the crowd awesome... City of Ruins and How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live... poignant after Katrina...the effortless exuberance and professionalism of the the band and the man himself.

Haze wrote: I'm so sorry if you didn't get to see this show - I only made it by the skin of my teeth as tickets were like gold dust. Bruce was unusually late on stage, but informed the crowd he had spewed 'but I'm ready for you now!' From then on you wouldn't have guessed he felt under par. Acknowleging the fact he was back in Hammersmith for the first time since 1975 'I guess they changed the name for legal reasons ...' the man rocked the place. People were bouncing in the balcony. Not what was expected from a folk ensemble! Some outstanding moments: the fusion of Cadillac Ranch with This Train I Ride; The crowd sang along heartily with most numbers, but were respecfully silent during We Shall Overcome, which made it more moving. A truly great night of musicianship. Thanks Bruce, it was a priviledge.

stevie j fleming wrote: Having never seen the Boss play acoustic, I knew I had to get to this gig as soon as I heard about it, only three days before. I hadn't even got the new album then!
Managing to get a ticket (not easy) I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but being a big fan of Dylan and Guthrie, I wasn't at all upset with the non-traditional Bruce (my fourth gig so I wouldn't mind seeing something other than the rock show).

Although 17 people is a Big Band, they all played well and the music proved to be a big crowd winner - originating from simple campfire music, it's natural that everyone should sing along with this stuff. And the old decor of the Apollo made the band look more at home than most venues would, with the cowboy clothes and instruments, so nothing was out of place.

As for the music, absolutely great folk stuff through and through, so nice to see someone rework really historical stuff so well, and see that those songs mean just as much today as they did when written. Even the back catalogue stuff (Johnny 99, Cadillac Ranch, You Can Look) worked well with the new old-style interpretation, although some more Tom Joad stuff could have been fitted in nicely too. But there's only so many hours in a day and there's no way he could play all that everyone wanted - we'd still be there now!

Bruce back on top form... I wonder what he's going to do next?! It's amazing that music from so long ago should be so much better than today's music, well done Bruce for bringing it back mainstream again!

Another top-notch show from one of the world's best entertainers! Here's looking forward to his next visit, whatever tunes he plays!


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