2006-05-17, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Gloria K. wrote: My first Springsteen concert. It was a great experience, but I wanna see the E-Street Band on stage. Hopefully this summer.

Mohammed Imray wrote: My best concert of this tour so far. The crowd would not let bruce start on a song, especially after Pay me my money down, but an amazing experience once again.

Knud Pedersen wrote: Journey to Frankfurt.
On the 16th of May my wife and I travelled to Frankfurt from Denmark by bus. We travelled with aprox 150 other hardcore Springsteen and we had high expectations. I was looking forward to see my big idol for the 6th time.

We arrived in Frankfurt on the 17th 7 in the morning, after a hard ride from Denmark to Germany, hearing lots of Bruce music and people on the bus were all discussing the new music, different Bruce stories, how many shows we`d been to and so on. Personally I`d only sleep for two hours, because I sad next to the ?Fernabranca gang?, who were all pretty drunk and singing (or a least trying) lots of Bruce songs. So I was very tired when I got out of the bus, so my wife and I rented a dorm at the price of 50 euro, just to sleep for 4 hours.

We eat in a road side pizza bar before the concert and a German guy, saw my Bruce shirt, and asked me if I was goin` to the concert? And as we started talking, he got that ?I like Bruce Springsteen too? look I his eyes as we shared Bruce moments down memory lane?.. Nice guy, I never got his name thou`, but as we talked his girlfriend got a big laugh as she looked a her guy with big grin, thinking ?Men will always be (Bruce) boys?
?Festhalle? in Frankfurt was great and had a high sealing, so there was lots of room for the 17 man big orchestra and their great music. People went nuts and several times Bruce had to give up on comment between the songs, due to the crowd?s noise. Once he said ?Do you have some sort of love festival going on??? And yes we did!!!!!!
The new music was great and again my compliments to the German Bruce fans (my 3th concert in Germany: Berlin 99, Hamburg 05 and Frankfurt 06)? you really know how to behave at a concert!! In Denmark people are always drunk, shouting and noisy, its not like that at all in Germany, people here tent too care for the music ? THANKS!!! It makes the whole trip from (aprox 1000 km) very easy.

Highlights for me at the show was ?Mrs. McGrath?, ?When the Saints Go Marching In? and ?Long Black Veil?. Only person I missed was Patty and of cause ?If I should fall behind? but instead I got Wolfgang Niedecken with the best hair cut in all of Germany.


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