2006-05-27, Tweeter Center, Boston, MA

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Ralph G wrote: It's 12:30, and I've just returned home from the Seeger Session show at the Tweeter Center.

I am 43 years old and I've seen a lot of concerts. The 'special' ones are a dream-like memory for me now, like when I caught the newly formed Clarence & the Red Bank Rockers in a small, oversold night club in Boston, sweating and high-fiving each other through a high octane set of soul classics like "Try a Little Tenderness" and "Sweet Soul Music".

Tonight was somewhere around my 15th Bruce show, and, when I heard he was doing a Seeger tribute I was more than a little skeptical. But, I liked the album. Then, when good seats were still available in the Boston area the day of the show, I privately worried if Bruce hadn't finally lost a little something off of his fastball.

But tonight I saw something different. I saw my folk, blues, ska, rock, swing, jazz, dixieland, ragtime past flash before my eyes. And I saw something else: I saw folk, blues, ska, rock, swing, jazz, dixieland, and ragtime's future and its name is Bruce Springsteen. And on a night when I wanted to feel young, he made me feel like I was hearing music for the very first time.

Seriously folks, if you are like me and missed out on the 1970's tours, and always felt a little sorry that you hadn't caught Bruce when he was performing his classics with the enthusiasm that comes with inexperience, or, maybe you just want to catch a little magic, then check out one of these shows!

Rob B wrote: I am reletively new to the Bruce world (this was third show), but I am not new to live music. From the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra to small venue early Metallica, I have seen some amazing shows. This was far and away the best live music experience I've had. It's hard to put into words the energy and, not to sound corny, the sheer joy of that evening. It's as if...see there you go it's not as if anything but it's own. If you love live music as I do, let go of everything you know about what a concert is and see a Seeger Sessions Band show. Like My Oklahoma Home you'll be blown away.

Ron Brown wrote: I plead guilty to being a skeptic about Bruce Springsteen trading the glory of Born to Run for a campfire song like Old Dan Tucker, but I was completely wrong.

I had the priviledge of witnessing The Boss at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield (Boston) Mass. last Saturday night, May 27 2006.

My worries ended right about the time he walked up to the mike and bellowed "hello Boston!" The showmanship proved to be brilliant!

Only Bruce Springsteen can place a ragtime band in front of Rock and Roll purists and comepletly entertain them. Only Bruce Springsteen can turn a Rockin number like Ramrod into a Polka (or Ska) and make it sound great. Only Bruce Springsteen can vividly paint a portrait of the pain of government indifference which the great people of New Orleans are endurring at this very moment, which is the purpose of the Seeger project. His compassion for those folks is genuine.

The horn section was outstanding. The backup singers including his wife Patty, were performed powerfully, and the violins were superb.

I am 46 years old and have seen The Boss in 1978 (Seattle), 1980(Seattle) and 1986 (Los Angeles). I have always told my friends that these were the best concerts that I have ever seen. The show in Boston the other night was very special to me. For my own tastes, Rock and Roll is really the only music that can move me. However, thanks to Bruce, I was able to feel the music of another great American composer.

Someday, everyone who enjoys music of any kind, will acknowlege what some of us already know, and that is, Bruce Springsteen is the greatest artist in American history.

Someday in the distant future, some young and talented artist will be performing "The Springsteen Sessions" in the name of human decency and civic awareness. I'll be in line for those tickets too.


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