2006-05-28, Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Lisa wrote: I never expected this concert to be what it was - but the energy, showmanship, and exhuberance rivaled anything that Bruce with the E Street Band has done in the past. My head is still spinning, I'm hoarse, and my hands hurt from clapping so much. I really REALLY hope there is a DVD produced at some point in this tour. It's hard to find the words to describe what this show was like - "incredible" just doesn't cut it. I was already familiar with a lot of the music from the Seeger Sessions CD, but Bruce brought them up to a whole new level (and I'm kicking myself for not buying the CD yet!). Especially surprising was Bruce's treatment of a handful of his own songs - Johnny 99, Cadillac Ranch, If I Should Fall Behind, and (to my ecstasy), Ramrod. Might have to search out tickets for the Philadelphia or NJ shows. Thank you Bruce, and your 19 musicians for a truly magical, wonderful evening.

Gunn wrote: Unbelievable!! Like being invited to a party and jam session with the boss and friends and they delivered in spades. What a fun, fun night. Great sound, great energy. Simply awesome. If you don't have tickets - get them and go!

DCBruceFan wrote: I'm still struggling with my reactions to last night's show, since I was overwhelmed, far more than I expected to be. I've seen Springsteen multiple times on every tour since before he was even doing tours, which may be what made last night so amazing. The Seeger incarnation is new, fresh, and vibrant, almost like you're seeing him for the first time. You take Springsteen's talent, enthusiasm, and showmanship, and put it in front of a band playing any kind of music, and amazing things happen. I'm a longtime folk music fan and Seeger fan, but last night showed different this music can feel and sound, when imbued with Springsteen's spirit and fronted by someone of his immense abilities. I don't rank the shows I've seen but last night's was.. simply amazing. If you consider yourself a Springsteen fan, and you have the chance to see this tour, by all means, don't miss it.

Scott Campbell (soupermeister@yahoo.com) wrote: I went into this show with more guarded expectations than I might for a full E-Street Band production, but let me just say that I was blown away last night. The best way to describe the Seeger Sessions Band's performance is one big jam session. At one moment, it might be the 6 piece brass section's turn to absolutely swing, the next, it might be the dueling fiddles (Suzie Tyrell on one), or some killer pedal steel guitar solo. Not only has Bruce creatively breathed life into old folk standards, but his alternative interpretations of his own material (Johnny 99 and Cadillac Ranch in particular) are remarkable. One cool moment was when Bruce mentioned that his cousin Frankie was in attendance, and he told a great story about Frankie having taught him to tune his first guitar and to play his first chords, when all he knew at that time was how to pose with the guitar - something he readily admitted to still being very good at! This segued to an intro of Frank Jr., one of the guitarists in the Seeger Sessions band. Other blasts from the past included Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg of Miami Horns fame, although Mark Pender stole the show on trumpet whenever the horns were blasting - he was amazing. In closing, if you're on the fence for seeing this tour, let me say that this was a better show than many of the nearly twenty E Street Band shows I've seen over the years.

Tom Cantillon wrote: After having seen the Asbury Park shows, this was my first show of the tour proper and I was impressed. I had been a bit concerned about going from the intimate Convention Hall to an outdoor venue, but it worked. Bruce and band came on charging out of the gates with an intense Mary Don't You Weep and John Henry! And in typical Bruce fashion, he kept the train a rollin' for a solid two and half hours. The crowd, at least in the 300 section was mixed as far as dancing and responding, but for those who joined along in the fun, it was a singing, dancing, hand-clapping jubilee!

The Folk tunes are rejuvinated with a new life with the band and horn section. Great set of musicians Bruce has got working with him.

Highlights: Johnny 99, John Henry, How Can a Poor Man, Jacobb's Ladder, Pay Me, Jesse James, You Can Look, a beautiful Fall Behind, and a rockin', jump 'n' jive Open All Night. Great night from start to finish.
If you haven't seen the show, put on your dancing shows and go have some fun.


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