2006-05-30, Germain Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Bill Lane wrote: I just got to back Jersey from the Columbus Ohio show last night. This show continues my legacy of seeing at least 1 show for every Bruce tour since the 5-26-78 Darkness show. (My first concert) The facility was an open air bowl covered with a roof, but with a grassy area in the rear as well. We got tickets about 1/2 way under the roof on the right side of the stage. It was on the verge of being a bit too hot, but still a great night for a Bruce concert.


If you like to have more then a drink or 2 before or during a Bruce concert, you WILL probably want to skip this part.

I am about to be 44, and I have not consumed alcohol for over 20 years, mostly because I was just bad at it. "Nuff said about that... So, why oh why do I always get stuck next to the drunks? If you were at the show last night, you soon will know exactly where I was sitting. Ok kids, look around at the next Bruce concert you attend or recollect the last one you attended. Let's face it; most people at a Bruce concert now are at least 40. Didn't most of us leave the obnoxious drunk days behind back in the 80s? There is a razor thin line between expressing musical exuberance and being extremely annoying to those around you who also paid $100.00 to see the concert. Before I even sat down in my seat for the first time, I knew that 1. the 50ish year old woman 2 seats over had driven 500 miles to see her first ever Bruce concert, and, 2. was already well on her way to being falling down drunk. Shortly after this discovery they left and hoped they would not be back. It was not to be though as they returned during the first song with more drinks. The mildly drunk husband was reasonably cordial offering the use of opera glasses to whoever wanted to use them. She immediately popped up screaming "WhoooHooo" every 45 seconds. She then was yelling indistinguishable things during the quiet song breaks, apologizing for it, then did it again 10 seconds later. After 25 minutes of this, someone 2 rows back yelled "sit down bitch" and the real fun began. The slightly more drunk husband made 3 half hearted drunk attempts at defending his wife's honor by jumping across the seats and tried to issue a smack down before the security arrived. They were then "reassigned" elsewhere, possibly to the grass to never be seen again. Now I ask you, was all of this really necessary?

<<<<<<<<<<<<Back to the concert>>>>>>>>>

In a slight continuance of the above subject, I did notice for my past 4 concerts covering 4 years, a majority of attendees, myself included, spending the majority of the concert seated. I remember seeing the Born In the USA shows 20th row center at the now gone Veterans Stadium in 93 degree heat, standing on my chair the whole time being completely spent when it was over. Flash forward 21 years, and now that there is no real "front row" I guess I will never get that close because I can't stand up in the "PIT" for that length of time now. Yes getting old sucks! I remember trying to tell the various people I have taken to Bruce concerts over the years how Bruce will control the standing and sitting parts without ever saying a word about it. They did not understand what I meant until they experienced it themselves.

Bruce came out at about 8:15. I just could not get used to seeing ALL those people on stage playing as the band with Bruce! If you also follow Southside Johnny as my friend Harvey and I do, it was great to see Mark "the Love Man" Pender, Eddie "The Kingfish" Manion, and of course LaBamba blowing on the trombone! They just rocked it out form the first note.

While the new album has not knocked me out, I do enjoy it as a diversion of Bruce's talents. The Jungleland sax solo, with all the house lights pumping to Mighty Max's beat and the opening piano of "Incident on 57th Street" on the night I went backstage in 1999 will be really tough to EVER eclipse. However, the 2 songs I was really hoping to hear last night, "Mrs. McGrath", (my fav from this album) and "How Can A Poor Man" which should have been on the album was played back to back. The reworked "Open All Night" was awesome. This will go down in the record books as the Bruce show that included a tuba solo, something I NEVER thought I would see. Bruce was a bit more subdued in outright political comments then he has been recently. It was there, but mostly in the songs. Again the sheer number of performers on stage was something that you must see. It reminded me of what the short lived "Bruce Springsteen band" shows must have been like, except there was not a chess game being played on stage this time!

In conclusion, if you have not seen this tour, you really should I doubt that something like this will ever be repeated again. If you read the second paragraph and were offended, tough! Read it again and think about it or just don?t sit next to me.

If anyone should wind up with a good quality copy of last nights show, I would love to get it. I am into collecting quality shows not quantity. I have other stuff to trade including one of the rehearsal shows from this tour. Please contact me directly at billlane@comcast.net

Thank You,
Bill Lane


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