2006-05-31, Verizon Amphitheatre, Indianapolis, IN

Seeger Sessions Tour
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steve fick wrote: I guess that what I am doing here is confirming the other accounts of this tour.

My wife went with me although she did care for the Seeger album. She had a negative attitude towards the whole thing. That changed very quickly. She is only of her 5th or 6th show and may finally have realized just how great Bruce really is. She was amazed at how Bruce was able to put music from an album she thought was more or less ridiculous into such an amazing show.

As for me, I am on about my 28th show now and am still amazed. I had looked at the tour's setlists and was ready for him to come out with Mary Don't You Weep and John Henry, and instead I got the tour premiere of Atlantic City---unbelievable.

For everyone that likes Bruce at all you need to go see these shows to see how he transforms songs from Nebraska to full blown stage productions. The thought of people dancing in the aisles to Open All Night is not real until you see this tour. Atlantic City under went another transformation and is better then ever.

Bruce always has surprises for everyone with different songs and playing Froggy (for the first time) for the 7 year old in the front row who gave him a little stuffed frog is a great example of how he can stray from his playlist at the drop of a dime.

Bruce once again showed that he is the greatest live performer of our generation. Can't wait to see the next tour and what else he can pull out of an ever growing bag of tricks.


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