2006-06-03, Glendale Arena, Phoenix, AZ

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Austin Rogers wrote: It was a pretty good show. It was kind of sad how empty it was though for a Springsteen show. There were only about 1,200 people there. but every single one of those people were on their feet dancing to "Atlantic City/"Jesse James"/Open All Night". I was on the floor and there were about 6 people in this big open space like square dancing on the floor barefoot. It was pretty cool. Bruce was all into it too. Like always.

Greg wrote: If you can catch this tour...do it! It's definitely worth the bucks. I know, no E Streeters. But this bunch does ROCK. Bruce is exceptionally animated, much like the early days, and clearly is having a lot of fun. Even tho the place wasn't packed (good thing, easier to get close) the audience was into it. Let me put it this way. There was absolutely no way you could NOT sing along with the entire show! The different takes on Atlantic City, Johnny 99, You Can Look, and Open All Night where simply great. Keep an open mind about this tour, because after all, isn't that what Bruce is all about? The gal next to me (first timer) was just like the Oklahoma home,...blown away!


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