2006-06-10, Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, IA

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Rick M. wrote: Yes, tonight proved that Bruce is still the boss. I don't know of another musical artist who could pull off the amazing sound and mastery of the music I heard tonight. Bruce was in classic form and ruled the show as only Bruce can do. The rockin "Open all Night" had the crowd in frenzy. Bruce also saluted one of the horn players mother, who drove in from Kansas City. He also made light of the National Pork festival going on the same night as the concert. "We'll all hook up with you later and maybe we can have a hot dog or something" Classic Bruce, able to communicate with the audience like no other. If this show is coming anywhere near a town where you live, it's one that can't be missed because words don't do it justice.


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