2006-06-20, Camden Tweeter Waterfront Amphitheater, Camden, PA

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Southside Johnny and Joe Grushecky join the band on "Pay Me My Money Down".

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Cal wrote: Here's hoping that he tours and records again with the sessions band - Maybe an album of Woody Guthrie or Dylan covers - A great show - I especially loved the Band covers and the new versions of his classics

Nancy wrote: The show was really great! Bruce was in great form. He was relaxed and having fun. The music flowed. Southside Johnny and Joe Grushecky joining in on Pay Me My Money Down was fantastic. But my favorite was Bruce's rendition of Rag Momma Rag.

Kevin McDevitt wrote: I don't know how many people filled the seats and lawn in Camden on this hot summer night, but the number is a might' smaller than the last time Mr. Springsteen played New Jersey (500,000 seats filled over 10 nights, as memory serves). Shame on you if you didn't try REAL HARD to get to one of these shows. You missed a fun, great time. You missed more talking to the crowd than ever (and a funny dedication to Walt Whitman). You missed an actual vocal competition (some say RUMBLE!!) between the fine folks from NJ and the big mouths from Philly at the start of OLD DAN TUCKER (Get out the way, Old Dan Tucker! You're too late to get your supper!). You missed the rock 'n roll Tuba. Simply, you missed a unique and awesome show.

The show started great...great sound, lots of juice from Bruce and the band, and everyone into the songs. Five of the first six songs were from the album, with a great reworking of ATLANTIC CITY sandwiched in (hey, we're in NJ!...although the night was nowhere near gettin' cold..). The show slowed down a bit at song 7 with the strange choice of MARIA'S BED...a nice song, but it didn't fit and it was played as if they just learned it from the album. Also...Mrs. McGrath lost some of it's feel...it was easily the centerpiece of the Asbury Park rehearsal shows...it somehow lost it's dramatic impact.

BUT...not to dwell on a few minor negatives...every song was delivered with...well, every Seeger Session Song had it's history explained, and then each was dead-on delivered with power, grace, and feeling - from the direct and moving HOW CAN to the subtle and powerful rendition of WHEN THE SAINTS.

The high point of the show may have been the fast and thumping version of OPEN ALL NIGHT, a song he seemed to love to sing in it's new incarnation, a song the crowd really got into...and hey, maybe it was a little bone thrown to those of us remembered the first time we heard about "New Jersey in the mornin's like a Lunar Landscape".

Now...sinners...here's a little prayer that these Sessions aren't over...

Tom Cantillon wrote: Great show and great crowd in the pit! Highlights: Long Black Veil was haunting and intense, gave me chills hearing it. What an imapssioned delivery! Great versions of Mary, John Henry, Jacob's Ladder, Dan Tucker and City of Ruins. Always great to see Southside. When he's around, he and Bruce get so downright goofy that it just makes for a great show and when Southside wailed away on the harmonic at the end of Pay Me My Money--was just awesome. Highspirited show from start to finish. I was singing the songs all week right up to the PNC shows.


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