2006-04-24, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Seeger Sessions Tour
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K. A. wrote: So I went to Convention Hall last night trying to keep an open mind about what I might see. Me, like every Bruce fan out there, is waiting again to see the E Street Band back again live. So as I got to Asbury I felt the Bruce vibe right away as I had a quick shot and a beer with my buddy at the Stone Pony before the show. The bartender was outrageous by the way? yikes!! As we get in line for the show I was turned on by the old, needs a face lift, Convention Hall. The building was probably awesome in its day.

Getting back to wishing for a night of E Street magic and knowing this was not going to be the night. I just hoped for some Bruce magic. Well?I have to say that from the first notes of the night to the end of the show it was one of the best Bruce experiences I have had in 22 years of going to his shows. I?ve seen every tour from Born in the USA on and I was really blown away by this show. Even without recognizing one song, the music itself carried the whole show. The 17 piece band had a powerful full sound all night. Like other reviews depictions of the show, its gospel, jazz, dixieland, bluegrass, celtic, rock n roll all mixed together and it works. I absolutely loved the sound!!! Even liked all the previously released Bruce numbers being rearranged. Bruce himself was into it all night, you can tell he enjoys this out of his box experience. Soozie was great all night. She most of all looked like she was having fun. Songs that stood out: Mary Don?t you Weep, Pay Me My Money Down and You Can Look But You Better Not Touch. Without going into much more detail I recommend this show for any fan. Try breaking out of your Bruce box and you will love this show.

CindyHI wrote: Bruce has a tuba in his band!!!! Seriously, once you are over the shock of seeing a tuba as part of the Jukes, you are blown away by the joyous wall of sound. Bruce was clearly having a blast as was the band - La Bamba and Pender were hysterical to watch themselves enjoying themselves.

freeholdnj / Steve wrote: In a nutshell; YES to this project and the Seeger sessions band. I had listened to almost none of this music prior to last nights show. I watched the John Henry video on Amazon, and downloaded the whole record the other night, but never got around to listening. I had a good feeling that I would like the music, but basically went in blind.

Since last week all the press reviews, as well as fan reviews have been harping on how much fun the man himself seems to be having? to the point where I had kind of tuned it out. After the first tune my wife, who is a huge fan and has seen many shows, but doesn?t pay attention the press reviews, or read Greasy Lake, turns to me and says, ?He sure is having fun up there!?.

18 people on stage. I had to count twice to be sure of accuracy. Somebody call the Census Bureau. But they were tight. The masterful Miami Horns sounded awesome in Convention Hall, with Mark Pender really standing out on the trumpet. The violins? oh the violins?. I love this shit. Marty Rifkin on the pedal steel was also a show stealer. After 30 years of leading and arranging the E-Street Band, Bruce really exhibits his mad skills in this regard, with an 18 piece crew.

Ask yourself this; at the typical ESB show of the last 10 years, what percentage of the show absolutely captivates you? Blows you away with sheer brilliance? Maybe you?re a 100%-er, but I?m not. I?m prolly around 50 or 60%. I have a short attention span, and there has been a lot of repetition in those shows. My point is; out of the 2 hour show I saw last night, I was extremely impressed with well over an hour of it.

>Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep/John Henry/

These 2 to open were great. You definitely get the feel for the evening here. The SSB equivalent of The Rising/Lonesome Day 1-2 punch.

>Johnny 99/Old Dan Tucker/Eyes on the Prize/Jesse James/Cadillac Ranch/Erie Canal/

All good stuff here, nothing mind blowing but good stuff.

>My Oklahoma Home/If I Should Fall Behind/Mrs. McGrath/How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?/

This is where we take it up a notch. MOH is a Springsteen song. The song was made for him. IISFB was fantastic? further evidence that he is doing this project simply because it goes well with tequila? Mrs. McGrath is a great tune with a solid traditional Irish arrangement, (arrangement is also reminiscent of The Pogues ?Fairytale Of New York?)

>Open All Night/

One of my favorite Bruce songs, and I?d never seen it performed live. Not my first choice of arrangements, but still, a lot of fun.

>Pay Me My Money Down

High spirited sing along song. Great stuff.

>Encore: My City of Ruins/Buffalo Gals/You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)/When the Saints Go Marching In

Could have left after MCOR. Fookin brilliant.


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