2006-11-17, The Point, Dublin, Ireland

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Peter Hade wrote: It's 8.20 and people are starting to get a little restless. Suddenly, the stage is teeming with musicians, and we're off. The opening chords are a little unfamiliar, until we hear "Well they blew up the chicken man...". Rollicking, storming versions of "John Henry" and "Old Dan Tucker" really set the mood. As with "Atlantic City", some more Springsteen standards get the Seeger Sessions treatment, notably "Growin'Up" and "If I Should Fall Behind". It's wrong I know, but I'm thinking "sing one of yours Bruce, and sing it straight!". And then he does. "Devils & Dust", and later, a beautiful version of "My City of Ruins" were pure Bruce. The main show finished with "Pay Me My Money Down", although we didn't know it at the time. The fact that we were being entertained by a lone tuba player while Bruce slept on a piano stage left, should maybe have given the game away. For the encores, "Blinded by the Light" and "You can look..." were performed in their Big Band versions. I thought "Oh when the saints..." would be a brassy, happy-clapping "Get your Irish arses off your Irish seats!", singalong riot. Instead, it was stripped down to it's gospel roots, with various band members sharing the vocals. Finally, what better way to end the night than with the very Irish influenced "American Land", as performed by the Bruce Springsteen Ceili Band. Brilliant. In 2hrs 40mins, with hardly a break, we'd been treated to most of the musical styles that have influenced American music. A masterclass from a master. What a band! What a sound! What a show! What a man! Thanks Bruce.

rowcairns wrote: After arriving to a cold Dublin joining the pit queue at 13:00 it was disappointing to find there was no pit! Another great show opening with Atlantic City. Whether it was due to the cameras that filmed all three nights Bruce looked a bit subdued early on. Patti was back as well! Great performance again from the entire band-vocalists in particular. Bruce did not leave the stage for the encore but pretended to be asleep stage right before pulling the lone Tuba player off. Surprisingly cold feel to The Point and I had expected a better atmosphere. American Land went down a treat however to end the show


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