2006-10-13, Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Susanne wrote: The Show was great !!!
Espacially for us,
we did see the show also in Amsterdam earlier this year and this time we took our sons ( Tom 6 and Nick 8 years old the biggest small fans on earth)
We stood in front of the stage and
there was much eye-contact between
Bruce and our boys. The Bosses Security was great, they brought water and they allowed Tom to watch the show before the fenses because he was to smal to see over it and after a few songs the kids
did get the Setlists. Tom had the
handwritten Setlist, he was very
happy with it !
At the end of the show Nick catched the plectrum of Frank Bruno.
The head of Security pulled up Tom and walked with him towards Bruce.
Bruce took his plectrum and gave it to him and shook his hand.

Thanks Boss and thanks to your men of Security you made our wish come treu !!

Susanne Ansmink
(the Netherlands)


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