2006-11-07, Antwerpse Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium

Seeger Sessions Tour
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rowcairns wrote: My first Seeger show but not my most eagerly anticipated. Sportpaleis is a good venue with ample access and with beer at Eur 2 offset by Eur 0.4 to take a leak!!
The opening number "blinded by.." was unbelievable and as long timer best version I have ever heard. Sound was amazing and the reworking wonderful. Also amazed at Further on rendition along with Bobby Jean. Crowd was fairly subdued (normal front rows excluded) but did manage a few "blown away" and finally Bruce encouraged them "to get your Antwerpen Asses out of chairs" on Pay Me... Not being my favourite album I was truly overwhelmed by the wall of sound and fun during this concert. The traditional tunes are brought life live and his reworkings are brilliant (roll on the tour compilation).The band were awesome and big well done to the vocalist on Further on.. Not sure if Bruce actually left the stage (pee break) for the encore but Amercican Land I could swear he had singing lessons from Shane McGowan. I will be in Dublin on 17th where this will bring the house down.
P.S. Antwerp seems much nicer and cleaner than Brussels

Ben wrote: Probably the best concert I have ever seen in my life and I have seen a lot.


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