2006-10-01, Palamalaguti, Bologna, Italy

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Matteo wrote: hi evrybody, i just came back from the first fall show of the 2nd euro leg of the 2006 tour. I had already saw the SSband in Milan in may and i was more impressed.. maybe because it was NEW.

I appreciated the slightly setlist changes and the world premiere of the SSband rendition of THE RIVER (very beautiful.. with an Irish mood...with a good whistle part) I heard the first euro ATLANTIC CITY, wich was a very good one too...
The show was much shorter, lasting 2 h 15m.. There little changes in the arrangements of some songs..
IF I SHOULD BEHIND features now an intere verse sung by Patti for example, JACOB LADDER features a new intro that seemed to me like Bruce was jamming with the band and the backin singers calling the chords changes, E street band members will say: "we never need Bruce calling the chords changes":-) Its true guys, but the SSband is a new band and you can't compare this kind of things. OPEN ALL NIGHT was a great dance along and it seems that the intro was expanded..with the musicians introductions..good choice.
I think the last 2 songs were better than the spring tour encores like RAMROD or BUFFALO GALS
In Bologna we had a great gospel song (notes are needed)
and another Irish-mood song (but not a ballad..that was a DANCING one!!!) I read on your setlist that was AMERICAN LAND... great great
All in all a really good show in Bologna, Bruce was great but in Milan he blew me away at my 15? show... only he can do it.
sorry for my english folks but im tired:-)
many thanks
Matteo Callegari

francesco wrote: IT was for me the 1st SSB-show and I've found it really amazing. Bruce created a wonderful charming "country-fair" atmosphere, that takes you on a ride through different ways to feel the spirit of the popular music: from boogie-rocking to gospel, from Irish-tunes to waltz. All you can do is abandon yourself to this magic, sing, move your hands, move your legs and dance.
Greatest moments of the night, I think, "The River" opened by the irish pipes, the incredible "Open All Night" & "Jacobs Ladder" with a soul introduction, and the final encores "This little Light of Mine" & "American Land": during this song, all the people exploded with joy and happiness!
Strange for me was "Atlantic City": I should listen to it again to better understand: the song has surely a great intensity in the final, as the sound keep'on rising as Bruce's voice sing "C'mon and meet me..." but in the beginning he left me surprised.
The palace was full, but there was place enough for dancing: in the rear of the arena, you could find some completely crazy couples dancing together like in a waltz. Fantastic!
Bruce seemed happy to be here; he started, saying in italian that "7 is a lucky number" as he named the 7 italian cities where he will do his shows. He clap his hands to the crowd after our chorus in Old Dan Tucker and for 2 times he asked us with a "ssssssssht" to stop our singing, because he could not start the other song.
You know, we italians wait for Bruce, to find again the real joy and the happiness, to sing together.
Finally, he gave us, one more time, in one only night, the chance to set us free from all the pain and the uglyness of the day-by-day. He's great. He's the greatest.


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