2006-10-02, Palaisozaki, Turin, Italy

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Alberto wrote: A better performance than Bologna, but still shy of Milano last spring.... Bruce looks like acting, and the interaction with the audience does not look genuine.... yet a very welcome Long Time Comin' and Rag Mama Rag, a really Houseshaker....

Matteo wrote: 2 days...2shows.. last time was Milano 1999...and now im thinking when it will happen again...
torino was a better show than the opening night in bologna, the setlist changed as you can see, and i had ERIE CANAL (a favourite of mine) instead of EYES ON THE PRIZE (i like that too)..switched songs.. THE RIVER stayed in from the previous night but later in the show , i guess it will stay in all the shows from now, obviusly the new irish arrangment was nice but i think that playing "minor songs" as the only originals of this tour was another proof of Bruce's strongness.
I liked "FURTHER UP.." , finally some space for the backing singers... (Cindy I LOVE YOU..)but sadly there was a bad response to Patti... i was really disappointed...with my friends we try to encorage her to go over that bad moment..and bruce did it too.. and on WHEN THE SAINTS she had a well-earned ovation...
in fact her singin were really better on this later one but i dont like to hear audience booing her..
i guess bruce was disappointed too.. i apologize to bruce and the band... certaily we italians are warm audiences but sometime we forget to show respect to the artists.
All in all a better show than the previous one.. i like the new encores more than the spring tour ones.. AMERICAN LAND is a great closing song
thank you

Emanuele wrote: Great "compact" show, with Bruce not as talkative as usual, and the band ticking like a Swiss clock.
I always appreciate "Jesse James" as an opener, and already in slots 4 & 5 came the first two surprises of the night: "Atlantic City", flowing with an "Ain't Got You" mood & style, mut obsiously more powerful, and then a completely rivisited "Further On (Up On The Road). Good performance for "Oklahoma Home", with more refined vocals than the version I saw in Milan on last May 12th. "Long Time Coming" was another pleasing presence: it's a real shame that the hand written setlist brought "Growin'Up" in the same slot..."Poor Man" also powerful, while a new version of "The River" had its way through the crowd, followed by the swinging "Open All Night".
As for the encores, new life was brought by "Rag Mama Rag, This Little Light of MIne, American Land", played with the whole place jumping around.

Great performance anyway, maybe compressed for the upcoming radio broadcast (just figurin'out...). 2h 10m concert convincing in every aspect.

See you on the road, everyoody!


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