2006-10-21, Estadio Levante FC, Valencia, Spain

Seeger Sessions Tour
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alan nicholls wrote: Bruce is in such a rich vein...
These Seeger Sessions Concerts are hugely fun and so complete and rewarding as "live" music goes.
Bruce fans can allow whatever direction he wants to lean at present.
And one of the most interesting questions is ? where does he go from here?

God bless him !
Musical entertainment doesnt get better.
The arrangements of the "old songs"
was a delight......Bruce could easily go around again changing arrangments and have us eating out of the palm of his hand for years to come...
meanwhile.....D&D...Long time comin'....City of ruins.....all revisited are bneautiful reminders of where we are at.

Bruces work is a changing tapestry and we are so lucky to be in-touch.

Please come back to Valencia..or around my fireplace!



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