2006-10-28, Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Anders Krogh wrote: Meet me!Meet me! Meet me! sang the Boss, and so we did along with his 17 man large orcester playing instruments ranging from Banjo over guitar to the accordian! it featured a new version (atleast for us that hasnt heard it yet in concert)of "open all night" a version that had the entire stadium dancing around even the sides where people had seats stood up and shaked their wee hiny that followed up by "Pay me my money down" kept people standing singing along on the chorus long after the song ended! the sound in "parken" was great and overall one of the best concerts ive been to so far, yet another memory stored happily in my biological hardrive called a brain! if i was to rate this it would get a topscore! but i may be biased ;-) hope you all get a chance to witness this tour!


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