2006-10-30, Globen, Stockholm, Sweden

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Rikard Redin wrote: Just have to say WOW! Again... Bruce delivers! He rocks the socks of me... again... :)

The versions of Atlantic City and The River might be the best ones I've ever heard!
Growing Up, Further on up the road and Ghost of Tom Joad... masterful!

The audience was at it's best behavior. .. really feeling the music and dancing along.

The band... my god the band! What a group of musicians!! Playful, professional and perfect!
Vocalists... again... WOW! Everyone is doing a wonderful job.

This was my 10th concert... and I still get amazed on how much Bruce can get under my skin with everything he does!

Thank you Bruce ... for making me a better man... again! :)


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