2006-11-09, NEC Arena, Birmingham, England

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Nils Lofgren guests on "Pay Me My Money Down"

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DJ wrote: My first show of this tour (7th overall) and I was not disappointed! The band are fantastic. The sheer noise of 18 musicians playing their hearts out and enjoying themselves, it's impossible not to get lifted up and taken along by it! Too many highlights to mention (The Ghost of Tom Joad and the introduction of Nils probably got the biggest crowd reactions). If I do say so myself, we, the crowd, we in fine voice throughout, taking up Bruce's cue in 'Froggie went a courtin' that if 'We want anymore we can sing it ourselves' and singing the whole first verse again before the band rejoined us.

Anyone with tickets for future shows is in for a great night. One word of warning though. If your ticket says the show will start at 7.45, the show will start at 7.45! We assumed he would be 'politely' late and heard the first song waiting outside the Ladies toilets as a result!

luckytouch wrote: A fantastic start to this show, Blinded by the light. Some have described this as reggae, some as ska. Not really sure what it was, but it really rocked. Great harmonies, great energy.
Followed by two standards of the tour, John Henry & Old Dan Tucker. Further on the up the road was almost unrecognisable, very slow, Gospel-like sound.
Jessie James & Mary, don't you weep were two more from the album & given the usual treatment.
Bobby Jean got a thorough working over, followed by Erie Canal & My Oklahoma home.
The Ghost of Tom Joad was one that actually sounded quite like the original, very low horns & a similar feel to the album version.
Great versions of Mrs McGrath, How can a poor man?, and Jacobs Ladder.
Long time coming was followed by a slow, gospel sounding Jesus was an only son. I don't particularly like this song, but was impressed by this version.
Open all night started with the horn section doing a do wop singalong before the band came in & made it sound like a rock & roll song from the fifties.
Nils Lofgren guested on Pay me my money down, but there didn't seem to be enough room on stage for him. Bruce nearly clouted him with his guitar.
The encores started with Bruce strumming the intro to My City of Ruins, with the band joining in slowly building up to a big climax.
You can look got the rock & roll treatment, before a subdued When the saints. This little light of mine was followed by the Pogues-like American Land. The show seemed to be over but Bruce decided we deserved a bonus. Froggie got the singalong treatment.
2 1/2 hours of great entertainment with a great crowd and actually for once I was impressed with the venue. But after Manchester MEN, most places will look good.


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