2006-11-19, The Point, Dublin, Ireland

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Jonesy wrote: It was a dreadful night in Dublin's fair city (the weather that is) but by 8.30 p.m no one in the Point cared about that because for over 2 1/2 hours we witnessed a concert that stands up there with the best I have ever seen.
It's was my 4th SS gig (New Jersey twice in June and London the previous week to this).This time my wife and I were accompanied by our son and daughter so we hoped things would turn out O.K and they surely did.
The Boss never stops amazing me the enthusiasm and effort he puts into his shows are on a different level to anyone else.It's impossible to single out any particular favourite song because they were all fantastic as was Seeger Sessions band they put their heart and soul into every minute they are on stage and seem to love doing the job they are doing (and who wouldn't).
So thanks once again to the Boss and Seeger Sessions Band (and of course another tremendous Dublin audience) for yet another unforgetable night.
See You "Further On Up The Road"


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