2006-11-21, Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Chris Carry wrote: What can I say? The fourth show on the Emerald isle and it was a cracker. You've seen the set list, great flow to the evening and passion from the band on their last stand before home and Thanksgiving. The kids were front and centre at the start and made it back for the b.v.'s to "Pay Me". Great night, great venue, great crowd. The view from the "pit" (they had one! No "pit" in Dublin) was fantastic and made up for the long wait in the cold. The best extended weekend of concert going EVER :) !!

Sue O'Neil wrote: I was there!! following on from going to the Sheffield show, we flew to Belfast and waited 7 hours in the freezing cold of the quayside where the Arena has been built to get decent places to see the show.It was worth every bitter second. Hugely energetic and joyous, the show started wih a bang and went on from there. I don't think I am capable of saying anything that hasn't been said before, probably more eloquently as well, but if that was the last gig I ever got to go to, it would be a great one to finish with. It was good to see a use of more of the musicians and singers ranges and talents than in the first round of the Seeger Sessions tour. For me, it added greatly to the warmth and depth of the performance as a whole and brought new colour and texture to the songs. The reworking of some of the old favourites into the new formula was interesting at worst and wonderful at best. The atmosphere in the Arena was good, (not, for me, as quite as good as Sheffield) and nearly everyone was having a great time- I was at any rate. As an oldie who stood and sang Bring Them Home in front of the American Embassy in the sixties and seventies I missed this song on this final night, but hearing the other Seeger songs and hearing the audience singing them was fantastic- it's what music is about! As usual- the Boss is the best.

Johnny wrote: Amazing, amazing, amazing! What more can I say, the show was electric. The atmosphere was fantastic and Belfast was glad to have Bruce back. We rocked! I was hoarse the next day but it was worth it! Come back soon to Belfast,Bruce.


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