2007-04-05, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

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Bruce shows up for a tribute to himself billed as "Celebrating the Music of Bruce Springsteen: Music for Youth Benefit". Among the artists celebrating him are Jesse Malin, Steve Earle, Pete Yorn, Patti Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, Marah and many more. They all join Bruce for the second version of "Rosalita". The first one, as well as "The Promised Land" is Bruce alone on acoustic guitar.

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Matt wrote: last night was awesome, the performers themselves were very good and they ended with The Hold Steady knocking Atlantic City out of the park, it was great. Then all of a sudden they are walking off and the people in the front who could see the entrance to the stage erupted and The Boss walks out. He played a slow, mellow version of The Promised Land and then started Rosie. He got about 2/3 of the way through it and basically said screw this, bring everybody out and start over. All of the performers came onto stage and Bruce asked for 'volunteers for versus'. He turned to the lead singer from The Hold Steady and said "you're in" (as if he would say no) and then turned to Badly Drawn Boy (a personal fav who looked like a deer in headlights) and said "i know you're good for one too". The three of them exchanged versus on Rosie with a full house band behind them and everybody else singing back up. It was SICK.

brigadoon wrote: An interesting show-from the pitiful inclusion of Ronnie Spector to a highlight like Patti Smith. The back-to-back 'Rosalita's were wonderful. Even though I had never heard of some of the artists who played, it was a very cool evening.


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