2007-10-09, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Magic Tour
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ANDREW wrote: great show, thank you bruce, you shut my complaining up, getting ready for tomorrow...BOO to CAA security somehow getting a bunch of copies of the setlist before the show and passing them around...thats a bush league move. pit was great, poorly organised, but bruce killed.

Stacey wrote: I'll start w/the good...Bruce still knows how to rock and put on a show. He'll never let you down. Band looked great - seemed in giddy spirits. Song selection was very similar to night #1 in Philly with the exception of 2 songs, so there were really no surprises. He did play a nice selection from Darkness and the new music sounds really good live. He threw in an audible but someone (Roy or Max, not sure) couldn't get it right so Bruce said they'd get back to it. I think the audible ended up being Brilliant Disguise. Of course I was hoping for an audible in a much more rare form.

Bad...the acoustics were awful. It was so incredibly loud and everything just sounded a bit muffled and echoey. My ears still hurt and after seeing tons of Bruce concerts, I don't ever recall the sound being so poor.

Crowd - VERY DISSAPOINTING. Come on Jersey - what's up? They just didn't seem all that into it - not too loud (or maybe the acoustics were drowning everyone out) and no sustained Bruuuuuuuuuce's or cheering that was to my liking. In fact, when Bruce broke out Thundercrack (my personal highlight), he said - Hey, Philly was louder than you guys! I'm sure they were b/c I think about 15 people knew the song. Sigh...

All in all, a great show, b/c he is the Boss and doesn't know how to put on a bad one. Going again tomorrow night and I can only hope he shakes it up a bit like he did for Philly night 2.

Sal M wrote: The set list was a great mix of the new with the classics. The band blew the roof off the place. I was impressed by have many people in the audience could sing along to "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" because the CD's only been out a week. But we were all disappointed when the show ended at about 10:30; they played for less than two and a half hours. It was the shortest show I've seen in the thirty years I've been going.

emac wrote: Good show. Not great. Band was powerful but made a few mistakes. Worth checkingout.

TC wrote: Solid show from start to finish. It was good to reunite with fellow Bruce enthusiast, Kyle. After a good half hour haggling with people selling tks, we got in 10 minutes before the show for $20.
Bruce and band were on fire! Very passionate performance, especially No Surrender, Candy's Room, & She's the One just set the place ablaze! Reason to Believe, done down and bluesy is terrific.
Darkness and Brilliant Disguise were nailed perfectly. Where's Backstreets or Price You Pay? Hopefully soon.
Long Walk Home is turning into one of my favorite songs of the night--great imagery and a great message.
Encore time was just a blast. From Thundercrack, Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark and a furious American Land, you can't help but walk out high--so high from the show.
The band is sounding tighter, more powerful and confident than on the reunion tour. This version of She's the One is one of the best the band has ever performed! I guess being an aging rock star doesn't mean you have to fade away and go out quietly. And Bruce and band are a testament to that!

Matt wrote: Last night was an awesome show - the band in particular was really tight and had lots of energy. The only downfall I saw was that I was in the Pit and had a chance to see the setlist. About halfway through the show Roy was having technial difficulties and they had to call an audible to a less piano-heavy song....the audibled out of BACKSTREETS

Kevin K wrote: A very happy Bruce greeted the crowd - and began a two hour journey about faith, trust and the American way ! The opening 4 songs was strong and smooth. The transition from Candy into She's the One is almost perfect. The audible - his term - was Brilliant Disguise, when Roys electric organ wasn't functioning properly, Bruce said " will get back to that one " and went into Darkness on the Edge of Town. Then back to Brilliant Disguise cause " we got to play this " ! Backstreets Mag noted the crowd was " on its asses " as opposed to Philly - I attended Philly last Friday and it was loud but a different kind of crowd. Last night was a mixture of long time fans and relative newcomers - who didn't know every word to every song but perhaps will next year !! Anyway, I missed Town Called Heartbreak. The new stuff is great !! I think GITSC could be the new Hungry Heart !! After initial skepticism, American Land has become a great closer offering hope to a battered country.

Steve wrote: I thought the show was great. The band seemed really tight and everything sounded really good. I was really impressed with the new music - Long Walk Home sounds like a classic to me. I was disappointed they only played for 2:10, but it was a solid 2:10 for sure. Funny spot of the night: the audience heard the first few bars of Living in the Future and jumped up, thinking he was playing 10th Ave Freeze Out. They seemed a little surprised as it turned out to be something new!

Philly Clete wrote: I was still in orbit after the Philadelphia shows. I had never been to shows in Philly and NJ in such close proximity, so I wanted to be sure take note of the crowds, Bruce?s demeanor, setlists, surprises etc.
Overall, this was the ?standard? setlist. The only exception for me was ?Darkness? after ?Promised Land?. The story wasn?t what was played, but rather what wasn?t played.
All night, my daughter Danielle and I had been noting the obvious lack of intensity of the crowd. I didn?t expect the Jersey crowd to match that of Philly, but this was really disappointing. Bruce and the band were really on tonight, but it was not being properly appreciated.
The arena sound quality was not very good, which made it difficult to understand Bruce?s spoken comments.
After ?Promised Land?, Bruce was ready to get into the next song. He kept looking back at Roy. He was making comments such as, ?are you ready, Roy?? ?do you have it, Roy?? etc. Finally, he said, ?alright, we?ll get back to that and we?ll do this one, first?. He then played ?Darkness?, ?Brilliant Disguise? and ?Darlington County?. Upon review, the setlist showed ?Town Called Heartbreak?, ?Incident? or ?Backstreets?, and then ?You Can Look, But You Better Not Touch?. Wow ? what a missed opportunity!
During the sing-a-long in ?Girls In Their Summer Clothes?, Bruce commented to the crowd ?Philly was much louder than this!? ? so true.
?Thundercrack? received a lackluster response at best, which was performed so well once again.
The band?s performance was really strong this night, but since the crowd factor becomes a part of every show, this one was nowhere near the top.

ICEMAN 14 wrote: My third Show Since The Rising when I was 12
Im 16 now I Finally got to see him again Greatest Night of My Life So Far
Went with my freind. Had floor tickets we got chosen to go to the pit. And I was right under clarence that was looking at me the whole night ("NO HOMO"). Never forget darlington county when he came inches away from me and looked right at me. It was short but i'll never forget it. When he first came on and screamed "New Jersey..... Is there anybody alive out there ..........is there anybody alive out there" and played the opening to radio nowhere it's just something i won't forget.


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