2007-10-15, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada

Magic Tour
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Joe, Kingston, Ontario wrote: Ottawa was very good but this show was, IMHO, far better.

The audience was much livelier before the start than it had been in Ottowa, the place was full and so much noisier throughout. Bruce, as always, picked up the energy from the crowd and seemed to be having more fun because of it.

I was almost dumbstruck when he intro'd For You - "A request, for Ed.." and it was simply wonderful. But then we got Incident and later Thundercrack. Absolute gems, all three.

The Rising into Last to Die is a super pairing. I really like Long Walk Home too. But it has a quiet start and then builds and builds so a lot of people who obviously don't know the new album sat down. More fool them.

If you want to understand how powerful the new songs are live just think of a blistering version of Candy's Room. They all measure up, in my book.

I'm not sure when it happened (either towards the end of the main set or after Girls) but I noticed one of the crew replacing one of the playlists. The noise was so loud I really thought there was a chance we'd get another song in the encores or even after American Land. Sadly, it was not to be.

This was a brilliant show, fast, furious, aggressive at times, but the inclusion of For You and Incident made it poignant and reflective too.

Bob, Oakville, Ontario wrote: One song from Greetings, one from the Wild, and three each from BTR and Darkness ...that is 8 out of 24 songs sang in Toronto that were written over 30 years ago ...IMHO, these were easily the 8 best of the show ... She's the One, and Candy's Room being so strong still they still fly off the guitar as fast as when he played those gems at Cobo Hall in Detroit the first time I saw Bruce and the Band in 1978 ...
footnote: Bruce is trying hard to turn Dancing in the Dark into a hard rocker and you have to give him credit for trying to redeem himself, to make up for creating that commercial-type radio pop-song blott on his legacy - but I can't avoid the image of Courtney Cox on stage with him, and the bandana, etc. Bruce is a true prophet for our age and a faith-whisperer for those of us lucky enough to be born during his body of work, and these late career rock celebrations that Bruce honors us with should avoid that one honest slip-up he was probably talked into by some handler.

frat415 wrote: A brilliant night of Bruce. A powerful performance with many moments that moved you back in time but then brought you forward to the present. Simply magic.


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