2007-10-17, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Magic Tour
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EBG wrote: BRILLIANT DISGUISE! The only album of Bruce's that I had never seen him play a song off of was the Tunnel Of Love album. I've seen him in the NJ/NYC/Philly area in concert 20 times since 1999, and never saw anything off that album played. After Promised Land, I knew it was time for the spot in the show where he sometimes is playing Brilliant Disguise this tour. I sat there on the edge of my seat, hoping for it, and then finally, the opening drums to it started, and the crowd right away started cheering. That song was the hightlight of the whole show for me. But also, I had only seen The Ties That Bind played once before on the Reunion Tour, so it was great to see that one again, and I haven't seen Backstreets played much, so I was glad to get that one. The crowd in my section was more into Adam Raised A Cain than the people near me in NJ night 2 last week, doing the fist pumping and yelling "YEAH!" in between Bruce singing "Raised a cain!".

Philly Clete wrote: Being a much older arena than most, the ?Garden? seems smaller than today?s joints. This is a great advantage for a concertgoer. We were sitting up near the ceiling, but we had a great sight line and still felt like we were ?in the mix?. Also, the sound was excellent.
This show reminded me of the Philly night #1 ? an excellent, fun show full of warm energy.
This being night #1 of 2 it was a standard setlist. The highlights for me included a wonderful ?Backstreets? and a scorching ?Adam?/ ?She?s The One? double-shot.
As Bruce has done many times in the past, he felt the need to exacerbate the NY v. NJ rivalry. During the ?Livin In The Future? intro he mentioned some of the things we love about New York. He mentioned the Statue of Liberty ?which is technically located in NJ?. He mentioned the NY Giants and the NY Jets ?who happen to play their home games in NJ?. He mentioned that wonderful anthem ?New York, New York? ?which, of course, was sung by someone from NJ?. I am always on board for any NY bashing.
Even though I haven?t mentioned it repeatedly, I think that ?Long Walk Home? is stellar night in and night out.
One (or a few) sour note(s) ? during ?Girls? Clarence seemed way off key during his solo. Bruce walked over to him while he was playing and he exhorted ?C?mon C!? in more of a stern than playful manner (at least that is what it looked like to me on the screen, which caught the exchange).
At the end of ?Girls?, Bruce commented, ?I wish they all could be New York City girls?, alluding to the Beach Boys influence on this song.
Bruce?s intro to ?Thundercrack? mentioned that it was the band?s closer during the days when they played Max?s Kansas City, a tiny club in NYC. ?It was us and the Wailers on the bill?. Tonight?s was the best ?Thundercrack? performance.
During ?American Land? they were trying to get the lyrics onto the screens, but only managed one line.
Great, great show in the Big Apple.

Bpephin wrote: While the night #1 standard setlist rule was in,the show still rocked! The Reason / Adam / She's the One three pack was amazing. The best of the "packs" around Reason/She's the one I've seen. The whole show was a blast. My section sat once, during Magic. Up the rest of the show. Great night.


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