2007-10-18, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Magic Tour
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ANDREW wrote: very very very special for this tour...great great great show...night, candy's room, tougher than the rest, meeting, jungleland...fantastic. bruce was especially into the show compared to others, nils was dancing all night!!

John Hillock wrote: Wow ... All the hype about the political soap box and it just never happened. What did occur was another classic (ableit shorter in length) Bruce show with all the trimmings ... For me Jungle Land and Incident were the highlights-- But Candies Room -- Badlands -- You can Look --and Girls in their Summer Clothes got the heart pounding too !! Hopefully he and the band will be able to translate this arena friendly show to a stadium presentation and blow us all away again in the summer at Giants Stadium or up in the Bronx at the house that Ruth built ... and maybe Rosie will come out?? Many Sopranos alumni were in the audience to cheer on Sylvio... All in all a great night-- thanks to the Rumson residents and their 'E' team ...

Michael wrote: Second show of tour I've seen and without a doubt better that the first Philly show. Came on stage screaming "New York City!!!, Is there anyone alive tonight!!!" and the gauntlet was thrown down. A blistering version of Night in the second spot following Radio Nowhere. Nils had an amazing slide solo in Lonesome Day. A bluesy roadhouse version of Reason to Believe with the Boss singing the last verse into a bullet mic. The strong driving beat of Candy's Room (let them burn!)with a searing solo by Steve moved seamlessly into She's the One. The show stopper was Bruce dedicating a song to the late Peter Boyle who would have been celebrating his 72nd birthday that night. What followed was Roy on piano and Gary on upright bass accompanying Bruce singing the rarely played Meeting Across the River. I don't know if anyone else caught it but "2 grand" turned into "3 grand" after 32 years, but I guess everything costs more today that in the mid 70's. As the song was ending, Bruce points back to Suzie and a violin solo begins... JUNGLELAND!!! WOW!!!! All of MSG was singing along including many in attendance in Ranger jerseys! Great version of You Can Look (But U Better Not Touch) with fun banter with Steve. New York City Pride in the Rising was clearly evident. My personal favorite off Magic, Long Walk Home just gets better every time I hear it and a fabulous set ender... Badlands, with the arena serenading them off and back on the stage. Came back in a black New York City t-shirt to the delight of everyone! Nice intro to Thundercrack in which Bruce described it as the original show stopper when there was nobody at the show to stop at Max's Kansas City with Bob Marley & Wailers. All the lights were on for Born to Run and the American Land final with the Seeger Sessions band joining E Street on stage. I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my 49th birthday. Bruce does an masterful job of blending songs from his vast catalog into a fabulous show.

Philly Clete wrote: Bruce was on a mission. Tonight?s show was a perfect mix of ferocious power and kidlike fun.
There were two tour premieres and SIX songs not played at night #1!
I must mention again that the three-pack of ?Reason?, ?Candy?s Room? and ?She?s the One? are sizzlers.
Bruce did a shortened version of his NY v. NJ shtick while introducing ?Livin?? (see October 17 review).
The ?Patti song? tonight was ?Tougher Than The Rest?, which Bruce and Patti performed with great intensity.
I couldn?t wait to hear what was coming in the bonus slot after ?the Patti song?, even though I knew what it would be. In fact, I told a stranger this in the men?s room after night #1, and I told a fellow Bruce nut that was sitting in front of me this night. ?We are in NYC, he did ?Backstreets? last night ? tonight is ?Jungleland?? I confidently predicted. Forgive my brashness, but I do know Bruce.
Bruce introduced the next song by dedicating it to Peter Boyle, a friend of his who passed away recently. As soon as I heard the beginning strains of ?Meeting Across The River? I knew that my prediction/wish was coming true. My Bruce friend and I high-fived with anticipation, while enjoying this terrific performance of ?Meeting?.
Just as on the album, ?Meeting? gently flowed right into ?Jungleland?. It was simply magnificent. Clarence nailed the haunting solo, and Bruce walked over to him, with the smile of a proud father, as he gave him a tap on the shoulder (I think that Bruce could have been worried about the solo - have you ever seen him smile during Jungleland?). This was the tour highlight for me.
Next came a 180 degree switch in moods as ?You Can Look? was played.
When Bruce came back after the ?Badlands? main set closer he was wearing a black T-Shirt with ?New York City? on the front in white lettering (a bit schmaltzy, but go for it).
Again, the nice introduction to ?Thundercrack?, saying that it was the band?s show stopper ?before there was a show to stop?. He mentioned that they played it at Max?s Kansas City ?which held about 150 people??..and there were empty seats!? Have I mentioned recently that I love ?Thundercrack??
Five members of the Sessions Band came out to play on ?American Land?, which was extra rousing tonight. Also, the technicians got their act together and all of the words to the song were superimposed on the screens with arrows to follow along. I thought that was a neat touch, and I was now able to sing along with the gang.
Some interesting (to me, anyway) changes from the handwritten setlist. The following songs were listed but not performed: ?Town Called Heartbreak?, ?Cadillac Ranch?, and ?Ramrod? (listed in the encore instead of ?Thundercrack?!). The following songs from the show were not on the setlist: ?Tougher Than The Rest?, ?Meeting Across The River?, You Can Look?, and ?Thundercrack?.
I loved this show, and I think that it was the best of the six shows that I have seen (2 Philly, 2 NJ and 2 NYC). I wish could get to Boston!

TC wrote: A solid show from start to finish. The song selection has helped in gretaly improving the flow and overall intensity of the evening.
I like the songs Bruce has selected to be rotated in the opening, but I also feel Human Touch and Hard to be a Saint would also add a nice kick to the opening set, as Bruce focuses on connections made, lost and regained.
Reason, Candy's Room and She's the One are played with such an intensity that, to listen to the band and Bruce, you would think they were all 10-15 years younger as they rip through those songs. She's the One hopefully will stay in the set when they return next summer.
Tougher than the Rest was a nice surprise and I hope Bruce plays more from the Tunnel collection: Tunnel of Love, One Step Up and Spare Parts.
Meeting glided smoothly into Jungeland, which was simply breathtaking. "They wind up wounded, not even dead" is such a powerful line and Jungleland simply has to be one of the most amazing songs ever written. The images and story conjure up an early Marlon Brando film, The Fugitive Kind, wherein the young, innocent, rebel is destroyed by forces beyond his control because the world around him cannot accept his existence, cannot accept that he is in fact different and may in fact be more free in his dream than they will ever be--powerful storytelling at its best!
I like the message and intensity of the Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home and Badlands--probably one of the best mini-sets Bruce has put together, but I was also thinking that the same message and theme can be continued if The Rising were rotated with Cover Me, Further on Up the Road, Born in the USA and even Lost in the Flood.
Long Walk Home has become one of my favorite songs of the evening!
The encores are simply a lot of fun.
The threesome of Born to Run, Dancing and American Land just leave you wih such a high as you exit the show, realizing you have just witnessed something truly amazing and not duplicated by many other bands.
Hoping Stolen Car and Drive all Night are not too far from making their debut into the shows.
Great show and thanks, Kyle, fellow Bruce enthusiast, for sharing the ride from the Jersey side.

Jim Jorgensen wrote: This was one the best shows that did not involve Carlo Rossi.Rock on NY. Much love fron Des Moines ,Iowa.Lets hear it for the bill of rights.


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