2007-10-26, Oracle Center, Oakland, CA

Magic Tour
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Chris King wrote: i'm 22 years old and only have been lucky enough to see every tour since the reunion shows. and being that this week was 8 years since i saw bruce in oakland in 99 when i was a freshmen in high school. i went to both shows and took 3 people over the course of both shows who never seen bruce before. i have to say this show on the 26th was probably the best show ive seen since April 03 in sacramento. thank you bruce cant wait to see u again in 08....and u made the 3 people with me say best show performer ever

DynamoDon wrote: The late arriving crowd got in to it...Great job Oakland!
I loved the set list as some of my favs were there...She's the One, Two Hearts, a jazzed up "Reason to Believe".
Working on the Highway was a highlight for me...along with American Land which closed the show.
I really like "Girls..." of the new album and I think concert audiences are just now starting to learn it and sing along.
Clarence not quite back to himself after double-hip replacement.
Bruce fired up for this one as he "introduces" the band at the end and crowd shouts EEEE---STREET-BAAAAAAND!!!!!!


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