2007-11-02, Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN

Magic Tour
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Gary wrote: Awesome !!!!!

Gabe wrote: My wife and I drove 800 miles from Canada, and we brought our two teenage daughters, one for her first Bruce Show. Although we were up in the top section we danced all nite and we were all richly blessed. Bruce and the band took us to that place were we agree with Bruce's statement at the end "LONG LIVE HAPPINESS". We missed Patti

David wrote: My fourth show, my wife's third, and a first time for two friends of mine. Both of them said they don't ever need to see another concert again because they've been to the mountain top.
I enjoyed it, especially the encore selections Thunder Road and Dancing in the Dark and American Land. Really liked the Magic songs, too. They held up well for the first time out.


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