2007-12-08, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Magic Tour
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Sune wrote: Fantastic koncert!! One of the best Bruce koncerts ive been to! And he played The River Full Band Version!! What a great surprise!! Sound was excellent, and so was Bruce? voice.

TomJoadDK wrote: I have seen Springsteen 13 times live and I must say this one beats them all. It was an outstanding performance.....and playing The River almost burned down the house ----I am speechless

Hebri wrote: Quote
"The last week has been a journey through all of his albums, trying to prepare my self for the concert. Thunder road, badlands, incident, atlantic city, out in the streets etc. And last night i found myself sitting on the floor in front of my stereo with goosebumps up my back listening to a liveversion af jungleland. The part where the crowd screams their lungs out singing "down in juuunglelaaand" always gets to me. God i love that song.
Tomorrow i hope i will "get" the goosebumps again. if not while he sings jungleland, then another of his songs from his lifelong work of making me happy. And i'll bet i do."

I got the goosebumps Saturday nights show in copenhagen was wonderful, with a lot of new material, but also with some great hits from the past. Especially The River that from start to end almost was performed with a magnitude by the crowd that took the words out of Bruce's mouth. Though i had come to hear him sing, the power and emotions from the crowd just gave this great song even more soul and depth.

Just as low key and emotional as The River were, just as powerful were hits like Badlands, 10 ave., Dancing in the dark and of cource BTR. Lots of energy and lots of flirting and connnecting with the crowd, that from my spot (third row ) seemed to be having a great time. One young girl got a speciel souvenir to take home with her, Bruce's harmonica. Standing just two rows behind her i could almost touch it :-)

The new material worked really well on stage. I have never liked "girls" but live it was a great choise, as were living in the future and I'll work for your love.
Devils arcade was for me the best song from Magic last nigth with a rawness but also a feeling of tenderness to it that worked really well. And i was surprised to hear how many that had learned the words to the new songs. Nice.

And then there was Kitty's back. I have to admit that i never really liked this song, but hearing it live brought something new and different to it.

Got in the pit by pure luck by the way. My first spot was about 10 meters behind the pit, but then one of the security guys said that there were room for more people if anybody was interested... Needless to say that me and 4 friends more or less jumped into the pit and had great spots just to the left of the stage, in front of clarence. But then people moved a little bit around and i found my self standing behind what seemed to be the sweedish national team of basketball... 2 meters high and 2 meters wide. But here is a little hint. Bring a pretty blond with you when trying to get up front. My "partner in crime" smiled and flirted her way as far as to third row and i toggled along behind mumbling something about beeing with her, and please let me through too Thanks to all the nice people who let us through.

Thanks to Bruce and the rest of the band for another great experience.

happy dk wrote: one word.Bruuuuuce rocks.best concert in denmark soo far

Anders Krogh wrote: PURE BRUCE!!! ive seen all his concerts since 92, and this one tops em all. got into the pit too about same time as Hebri 2 meters from center stage! i couldnt have dreamed for more showing up as late as i did for the concert! the sound was much better than anticipated! i must admit i wasnt quite up to date yet on Magic songs... but i am NOW! damn hearing them in concert made me go home rip out the cd's from the player and stuff in the Magic! and i too loved Devils arcade! been wearing it down ever since hehe

well to all you danish Bruce fans see you in the summer when he invites to a garden party at Parken ;-)


herkules wrote: lost for words!!! this entered straight into my top three of the many springsteen shows I`ve been to.
For the first time I got to hear Kitty`s back Live, and I was lost for words! amazing concert!!! looking forward to the summer shows!!!

Jeppe wrote: Really nice concert! Best I've ever seen.
For the danish fans: brucefan.dk

Karsten wrote: If someone had told me five years ago that I would get to see Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band in Forum, Copenhagen, I would have thought they were nuts. It was close to the ultimate dream coming true. That alone made the night extremely special. Objectively, however, it wasn't the best concert I've seen. Bruce wasn't as loose as you usually see him, and it was just a typical "beginning of the tour" show with Bruce still feeling his way and focus being on getting through the night without missing too many notes.


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