2007-12-13, K�ln Arena, Cologne, Germany

Magic Tour
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Wolfgang Niedecken joins the band for "Santa Claus".

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Michael wrote: Thank you Bruce!!

Thanks for the moments. Great gig. Fantastic audience.
But a special thanks to Bruce who brings me moments back from the past. As my best friend died 8 years ago these are the special moments when I hear the old songs that we used to hear together.

Michael from Germany

Axel wrote: So many things get stirred up in my head during Bruce's shows. Memories from the past, of course. But also a great joy to see and hear new stuff, really good new songs. And the audience singing along, even only a couple weeks after release of the new album. Wanted to go there with a friend of mine, who unfortunately fell ill. Alexis, you missed a marvellous night!


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