2007-12-15, Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Ireland

Magic Tour
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Craig wrote: When the tour dates were announced I wasnt in the least bit surprised he missed out Scotland yet again, it has been 26 years since he last visited here with the E Street band so I had 2 travel 2 see this gig and it was worth it! Great gig, it was my first time, Great atmosphere and the Irish were great.

-Scott wrote: My first Springsteen gig, I also travelled from Scotland. I had great expectations for the show and I wasn't disappointed. Good energy from the crowd and a good mix of ages also. I sat next to guy called Craig who stank of red bull and vodka and danced atrociously but thankfully it didn't detract from the enjoyment.

Odyssey Arena is a good venue and well organised, take note SECC.

The Guinness in Belfast is no different from the stuff in Glasgow, so I take it the whole ?oh Guinness is so much better in Ireland? is just a myth.

Jonesy wrote: This is what Rock Music is all about great venue great crowd and the Boss and the E Street Band are the best band ever they were simply Born to Rock.
Stand out tracks! too many to mention but after seeing the Boss many times I have never seen or heard a better Born to Run.Can't wait to see the E Streeters again when the "Girls are in there Summer Clothes".

John McG wrote: Travelled from Edinburgh very early that morning and had a great day in Belfast. The concert at the Odyssey was fantastic, even though I was sitting right at the back. The crowd and the atmosphere was something else. A fairly standard set-list, but still a superb gig in a great venue.

Noel wrote: This was a brillant gig in all respects topped of with Bruce handing my wife his harmonica. What a night.


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