2007-11-19, TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA

Magic Tour
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Danny Federici's last complete show due to his illness. When the tour resumes a week later, it will be with Charles Giordani on keyboards.

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bryangil wrote: High intensity high energy show. My first on the Magic tour - the new stuff holds up pretty well live (especially Girls, Long Walk and Devils Arcade...all tracks that were good enough to comfortably make any tour).

But it was the deep pulls from the catalogue that made this special - Sandy and the 10th-Kitty's Back-Born To Run sequence in the encore in particular were outstanding. Peter Wolf sang a little backup on 10th Ave. Freeze Out. Great temporary farewell to this American Land!

jksaia wrote: I have been to Bruce concerts since 1978. With the exception of this being a 2 hr + love affair and not the usual 3 and 1/2 hr marathon, Bruce still held 18 thousand people in the palm of his hand for the evevning.

What an amazing set list, Kitty, E Street Shuffle and yes even 10th Ave Freeze Out. Wow, that was digging deep.

As always Bruce turned the venue into a combination of a dance hall, poitical forum and circus. It was the best way I could think of to kick-off Thanksgiving week.

Way to go Bruce. Hope to see you again real soon.

Anne wrote: Wild, furious, joyous, heartbreaking.

MJ wrote: Reportedly Phantom Dan's last show with the band. That seems to explain the aborted announcement before "Sandy" and the tears in the eyes of many band members(who were hugging Dan repeatedly) during the goodbye. Just a killer show. Highlight was "Sandy" ... Phantom Dan's true showcase. Just a brilliant version, complete with the original lyrics in the 3rd verse (not the Hells Angels version). To my knowledge, it's the first time he's sung it that way since it was originally recorded. A great show ...

kevin k wrote: Great crowd - Bruce seemed initially tired but got energized quickly ! Special night for Danny - are prayers are with you !!!!

MARK Sr. wrote: Excellent, setlist was fantastic. Bruce used to encourage his fans to think, now he tells them what to think......as you grow older and wiser you would think that would be the opposite. He is simply the best, at a lost art, rock'n'roll. New stuff is fantastic! I've seen him 18 times, this ranks with the best including show 10 at MSG 2000!

Wendy wrote: What can I say? What a great set list - Candy's Room and Kitty's Back! I think that the band just keeps getting better and better. The energy - the sound - the message - all the songs - Loved it! What a night!

Mark wrote: Best show of the tour thus far - and I was in Oakland and Jersey. The setlist for the show was exceptional

Kram wrote: 38 shows and counting, and this one tops them all. this hard sandy e street shuffle. i didnt think he could top it off, but i was semi expecting kittys back. when he playe 10th i was thrilled but sad cause it was in kittys spot. but then bam. dannys solo in kittys was incredible only to be topped off with roys. ive never seen more emotion or energy on stage. I can now die in peace

BornToRunWithBruce wrote: sorry ro see you go Danny you bought so much to the E-Street band and i hope ill see you agian soon on that place thatwe really got to go. The setlist was amazing and i love 4th July Sandy so great. Thanks for agreat show bruce cant wait to see you at the emirates stadium next year.

AllRightJane wrote: We still remember the emotion of this show thought we didn't know at the time it would be Danny's last.


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