2007-09-28, Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

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Bruce performs on the Today Show.

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Donna wrote: I love it already again and again!!!!

T.Cantillon wrote: Well, Bruce and band certainly dispeled any concerns I had that perhaps they needed a little more time rehearsing. Friday's show was amazing!
Now, for those used to seeing a Springsteen concert, this one is a bit more streamlined and it works. The show is faster paced, more powerful and lively as the band bursts into old favorites, while adding in new material.
Radio Nowhere was more impressive tonight than at Monday night's rehearsal. Ties that Bind was great to hear. I still think Cover Me or perhaps even Saint in the City would work in the number 2 slot as well. Lonesome Day was very good, but I'm not digging Gypsy Biker. The lyrics are buried beneath the wall of sound and screaming guitars. Might work better acoustic.
Magic, I liked. I think it needs another slow song paired up with it, perhaps Brilliant Disguise or Two Faces would work.
The double shot of Candy's Room and the blistering She's the One had the crowd on its feet, singing and cheering as the band tore through both songs. They should remain a concert staple without a doubt. Now, this is just my opnion, but I think the pairing of both might benefit from a third song added only because the intensity from both, although much appreciated by the crowd, seems short-lived as Bruce moved into one of the new songs. I would like to see any of the following added to that pairing: The Fever, Fire or even Because the Night would all do justice to that set.
Livin in the Future would definitely work much better as a sing along song if Bruce hadn't prefaced it by saying this is about illegal wiretapping and torture, because you just can't sing the song after having those images in your head.
A Town called Heartbreak was well done. It's nice to see Bruce shake up the set lists and add even one of Patti's songs because it replaces Mansion on the Hill and it's actually a very good song, sung with a lot of passion.
Now, Reason to Believe, done up with a bluesy, Dylanish Highway 61 feel was wild! Loved it! Keep it in the set. People around me thought it was a new song, but everyone seemed to really like it.
Darlington County, I enjoy hearing, it's just a fun song.
Born in the USA, powerfully done, but needs to be connected with some equally powerful tunes. How can a Poor Man or Lost in the Flood would add a lot to that moment Bruce and band are aiming for.
The Rising, Last to Die, Long Walk Home and Badlands are just amazing together. They are all terrific songs on their own, but played together, the 4 are an intense, powerful moment and obvious highlight of the show as they deal with loss, frustration, anger, being disillusioned, yet finding the strength to "spit in the face of these badlands" and keep on going. An amazing moment from Bruce and band. And can Max drum any harder? Outstanding job Friday night.
Encores were fine as Bruce lightened things up with Sunny Day and Thundercrack. American Land is just great live with the E Street band and a great way to end the show!
I hope Bruce might consider adding into the encores, Drift Away because the line, "give me a beat boys to free my soul/I want to get lost in your rock 'n' roll and drift away" would bring the show full circle from Radio Nowhere.
Outstanding show that I am sure will change as Brcue moves the tour along. But as it stands, it was a solid 9. I do believe now I've gotten my wife somewhat hooked on the shows, and that's a good thing for me.
Thanks for a great night of rock 'n' roll, the way it was meant to be played, loud and with a whole lot of passion!

Kathy wrote: I was at this show, and well worth the 8 hours I waited in line. Great clip, favorite song


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