2008-03-20, Canseco Center, Indianapolis, IN

Magic Tour
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Danny Federici is back for part of the show: "The Promised Land" through "Sandy" plus the encores.

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Nick wrote: Just an incredible show. My first Bruce show, and hopefully, not my last. No Patti tonight. Bruce said "When I left she was helping the kids get the hashbrowns out of the oven...someone has to take care of the little bastards"). Danny did indeed come back tonight. Great moment. Very nice setlist. In my opinion, Steven almost stole the show with his solo vocals during Long Walk Home. Threw in Spirit of the Night, which I wasn't expecting and it was incredible.

Tim H wrote: A wonderful arrangement of Sandy .. that was the absolute best!
Bruce was obviously very moved at the return of Danny; the band reflected this joy as well.

Bill wrote: I drove down from Wisconsin, because the Milwaukee show rocked! This one was great too. The difference in songs and the addition of Danny was fantastic.

Rick wrote: My third show of the tour. It has to be one of the best. Danny back made it all worthwhile. It is a shame that it didn't sell out. There are starving Springsteen fans here in the midwest that would love to have been there. Hey....how about Stl?????

ANGIE wrote: I want to be a roadie! Awesome show! Spirit and Sandy were beautiful. Love the new songs, especially, Livin in the Future,Last to Die and Long Walk. And to get Backstreets and Kitty's Back--unbelievable!
Hoping for a few River classics from Bruce and the band. Be nice if while on the road they pulled out: Fade Away, Wreck on the Highway, Stolen Car, I'm a Rocker and my all time fav--Drive all Night!


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